Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Shibuya (渋谷)! Shibuya's places of interest are the Shibuya Crossing, the Hachiko Statue and the Love Hotel Hill. Shibuya is famous for its shopping areas, its pedestrian crossing, and its green areas.
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Tofu Sorano: Elegant Japanese Tofu Cuisine in Shibuya!

Tofu Sorano in Shibuya for incredible Japanese tofu cuisine. You'll love the delicate cuisine and the unbeatable ambience. You definitely need to try this restaurant! Tofu lover or not, you're bound to discover a new way to serve tofu and it'll change your view of tofu!

Kiraku In Shibuya: A Legendary Ramen Joint

Kiraku is an extremely popular ramen restaurant in Shibuya. It is cheap too! A must-go for any ramen fan!

Shimokitazawa: Best Cheap Second Hand Stores, Cafes, And Bars

Shimokitaza is a hipster district not far from Shibuya. It is served by the station of the same name of the Odakyu Odawara and the Keio Inogashira lines.

A Guide To Trendy Daikanyama!

Here's the best way to spend a day in hip Daikanyama! Delicious food, awesome terraces, craft wonder people nickname this cool neighbourhood little Brooklyn!

Genki Sushi For Fun & Cheap Sushi In Shibuya, Tokyo (And Around Japan)

Genki Sushi is a fun, welcome-to-the-future type of really cheap dining experience you won't want to miss in Tokyo! Check out how to order and what you should try at Genki Sushi

Hayashi Ramen: A Must-Try Joint In Shibuya

Hayashi in Shibuya is an unavoidable restaurant in the area for any ramen junky. It serves a simple yet really savory type of ramen. Make sure to try it out when you are in Shibuya.

The Best Indian Restaurants In Shibuya, Tokyo!

Here are some of the most amazing Indian restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo you need to try ASAP. If you're vegetarian, Indian food is super convenient and tasty, and if you're not, it still is!

The Low Down On The Best Mexican Restaurants in Shibuya!

If you're craving Mexican food, such as a nice corn tortilla taco or a jam-packed burrito, some guacamole and tortillas and you just can't fight off the craving, you can check out these delicious restos! Here are the best places to grab tasty Mexican food in Shibuya!

Halloween In Shibuya 2019, From Oct. 26 - 31

Expect the biggest crowds in Shibuya on October 31st (Thursday), with plenty of people likely to start the party from the previous weekend.

The Best Lunch in Shibuya For Around¥1,000!

Here are the best places to grab lunch for around or less than ¥1,000 in Shibuya!

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Halloween In Shibuya 2019, From Oct. 26 - 31


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