Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Shinagawa (品川)! Shinagawa's places of interest are Shinagawa Station. Shinagawa is famous for its business district, its embassies, and transportation hubs.
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5 Awesome Ramen Shops In Shinagawa, Tokyo

Shinagawa is a busy station that has great access to Narita and Haneda Airport. It is also a great place to have a quick lunch or dinner between travel! Ramen is the perfect travel food since it is usually served and eaten quickly! Here are 5 popular ramen shops in Shinagawa worth trying.

5 Brilliant Restaurants in Shinagawa

Shinagawa has a famous aquarium called Aqua Park Shinagawa, and it is close to Odaiba area. It is also a Shinkansen (rapid train) stop, so there are many people who use Shinagawa station. If you have time to spend in Shinagawa and looking for somewhere to eat lunch or dinner, check the following restaurants!

7 Top Things To Do In Shinagawa, Tokyo

This is an area guide of Shinagawa, one of Tokyo's busiest district. These 7 things to do are among the most popular with Japanese and tourists alike.

A Limited-Time Only Luxurious Summer Truffle & Japanese Beef Burger!

A summer truffle & Kuroge Wagyu beef pizza burger will be available this summer for a limited time at the restaurant & bar "The Dining Room" at the Tokyo Intercontinental Hotel. From July 1st to August 31st!

Makimura, a 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Tokyo!

Makimura is an exceptional 3-star Michelin restaurant in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The Chef Akio Makimura specializes in kaiseki dishes, where each dish is carefully prepared and served slowly.

A 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Shinagawa, Tokyo: Quintessence

Quintessence is a 3-star Michelin Restaurant in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The restaurant serves exquisite modern French cuisine. As there is no menu, the dishes served change everyday according to the seasonal ingredients.

Nikujiru Ramen Kimi: Meat Ramen On Steroids In Shinagawa!

If you are looking for one of the meatiest ramen in Tokyo, this one's for you. Nikujiru Ramen Kimi in Shinagawa serves a full block of pork belly in every bowl!

The Fusion of Fireworks and Dolphins at Shinagawa HaNaBi Aquarium

Hanabi a.k.a fireworks is a Japanese traditional art and popular event in summer. This year, Aqua Park Shinagawa combined fireworks and an aquarium. You can enjoy the special summer event this year.

Best Places To Grab Lunch in Shinagawa!

Here are the best possible places to grab delicious lunch in Shinagawa!

Exhibitionism, The Rolling Stones Exhibition in Tokyo!

After New York, Chicago and Sydney, the Exhibitionism is now in Tokyo bringing selected, historical items, that any Rolling Stones fan must see!

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7 Top Things To Do In Shinagawa, Tokyo


Nikujiru Ramen Kimi: Meat Ramen On Steroids In Shinagawa!


5 Awesome Ramen Shops In Shinagawa, Tokyo


Makimura, a 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Tokyo!

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