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Tokyo Station
Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for the area around Tokyo Station (東京駅)! The area's places of interest are the Imperial garden and palace. Tokyo Station is famous for being a major shinkansen hub and the area around it is famous for being one of Tokyo's most important business districts.
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A Hidden Treasure! Must-Try Vietnamese Restaurants In Tokyo

It is rare to find Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo, so I will spot out some of the best Vietnamese restaurants here, so you can enjoy some pho and Vietnamese spring rolls here in Tokyo!

Perfect For Souvenirs! Visit Tokyo Okashi Land For Cute Souvenirs From Tokyo!

Tokyo station has many attractions and shops inside the station, and one of the streets is called Tokyo Okashi Land. Okashi means snacks in Japanese, so you can find famous Japanese snacks such as Jagarico and Pocky, but in limited edition flavors that you can only purchase at Tokyo station! It is a perfect place to find gifts and souvenirs, but they also have some food stands that you can enjoy at the spot!

Tokyo Station Bento: Where To Get The Best Ekiben!

Tokyo Station is a huge bullet train hub. Chances are that if you're traveling from Tokyo to somewhere else in Japan, your journey will start at that station. While on the train, it's customary in Japan to eat a bento box lunch bought at the station. These are commonly called ekiben. Enjoying your ekiben in the train is a fun part of the traveling experience in Japan so make sure to grab yours before getting on the train. Here are some good places to buy some them at the Tokyo Station.

5 Fantastic High-End Restaurants Near The Tokyo Station Hotel

There are so many good restaurants near the Tokyo Station Hotel that the problem is always which one to choose. Here are our five selection to make your life a bit easier.

The BEST Restaurants Of The Marunouchi Building Near Tokyo Station

Wondering at what restaurant to eat inside the Marunouchi building? Here are arguably the best restaurants of the prestigious gourmet spot!

Taimeiken Near Tokyo Station For Western-Influenced Japanese Food

Established in 1931, Taimeiken is hailed as the restaurant in Japan with the best omurice (omelette on rice). For all kinds of good western-influenced Japanese classics, this is the place to go.

Dhaba India In Tokyo: Heaven For Those Who Love Indian Cuisine

Dhaba India is definitely worth the detour if you love Indian cuisine. It is one of the most popular restaurants in all of Tokyo. And, it's pretty cheap too!

Top 5 Best Restaurants Near Tokyo Station!

Here is a list of the absolute best restaurants near Tokyo Station. It includes two Michelin-starred restaurants and all genres of cuisine.

Star Wars: In Concert, Tokyo Edition! Sept. 1 - 2, 2018

After rave reviews overseas, The Star Wars: In Concert tour will be making Tokyo its home on September 1st and 2nd, 2018.

Kaneko Hannosuke: Awesome Voluminous Tempura Bowls For Cheap

If you love tempura, then you should know about Kaneko Hannosuke. It is an iconic restaurant serving the Japanese specialty, with its original branch located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo.

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