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Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Ueno (上野)! Ueno's places of interest are Ueno Park and the surrounding area. Ueno is famous for the many art museums, the zoo, the Ueno Park and temples.
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7 Best Ramen Shops Near Ameyoko Street, Ueno

The Ueno area has a lot of attractions including the Ueno Zoo, art museums and Ameyoko street. Ameyoko street is crowded every day because of its cool shops and delicious food. One of the best types of food on offer in the area is ramen!! Here's our top 7 ramen joints near Ameyokocho.

Top Things to do in Ueno: The Ultimate Guide!

Ueno is one of the most popular tourist areas in Tokyo, and for good reasons! It has a plethora of things to do and sightseeing spots. For one thing, it has one of the most beautiful and vast parks in Tokyo, the Ueno Park. On top of that, within a short walking distance of the Ueno Station, you have access to many museums, the famous Ueno market of Ameyoko, the Ueno zoo and many more attractions! Here are the top things to do near Ueno.

Yakinku Panga: Awesome Halal Wagyu Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) In Tokyo!

For people with halal dietary restrictions or for people who just want to eat great and affordable Japanese yakiniku BBQ, Yakiniku Panga is the place to go! What's more, what you are served here is authentic, beautifully marbled wagyu (Japanese beef)!

Obana (尾花): Sublime Unagi Restaurant In Tokyo

Unagi is the Japanese word for soft water eel. It is a type of delicacy that has been really popular for centuries, and the cuisine has stayed very authentic. For a quintessential Japanese dining experience, you have got to try unagi. One place in Tokyo highly regarded for it is "Obana" in Tokyo. Here is more information on this famous restaurant.

Best Restaurants in Ueno!

The greatest place to have lunch or dinner in Ueno! From Indian cuisine to very traditional Japanese cuisine, these are the best restaurants in Ueno!

Itamae Sushi in Ueno: Now Offering Menus in Four Languages & Halal Sushi!

Now opening their 12th store in Japan, Itamae Sushi is celebrating with a huge discount until July 16th. You can get the tuna sushi set for half the price, at 980 yen!

The best Yakiniku Dinners in Ueno

Yakiniku, also known as Japanese style BBQ, is a popular dish in Japan. In this article, you can find delicious yakiniku restaurants for dinner in Ueno.

Usagiya In Ueno: Tokyo's Emblematic Dorayaki

Looking for a traditional sweet around Ueno? Then you have got to try the dorayaki of Usagiya, an iconic shop with a history of over 100 years.

Usagiya Cafe For The Ultimate Wagashi Experience In Ueno

Usagiya Cafe is an offshoot cafe of the iconic Usagiya shop of Ueno that has been serving what many consider the best dorayaki in Tokyo for over a century.

Best Ramen Shops in Ueno

When you come to Tokyo, you'll certainly visit Ueno, a district that possesses some of the city's finest cultural sites, including a variety of museums and Buddhist temples. Why not try some of its best ramen too?

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