Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Tokyo Metropolis (central part of the Kanto region)! Major cities and places of interest in Tokyo Metropolis (東京都, Tokyo Metropolis) include Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Minato, Toshima, Taito. Tokyo Metropolis is famous for cosmopolitan, international city with all kinds of cuisines from across Japan and the world, having its own style of savory pancake called Monja Yaki, the Tsukiji Fish Market (the largest in the world), and being home to a plethora of museums and other cultural institutions.
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300 Bar NEXT: super value ¥300 bar in fancy Ginza

We went to try out Ginza's 300 bar NEXT to see what all the buzz is about. Here's why we also think it's great!

Work in Nishi Shinjuku? Love Sake? Check Out 29ON Kakuuchi After Work!

In February, 2020 the high-end members-only meat and sake specialty restaurant '29ON' opened a casual 角打ち(kaku uchi) bar in Nishi-Shinjuku that offers its members all-you-can-drink sake and various tapas featuring sous vide-cooked wagyu.

[Ikebukuro] Premium Wagyu Yakiniku in a Tiny Restaurant!

There's a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Ikebukuro, Tokyo that serves plates of premium wagyu that customers can grill to their liking at their own private grill! In Japanese, it's called 'Hitori Yakiniku,' meaning 'solo bbq' and is the perfect way to be able to concentrate on the delicious, premium meat!!!

Forget Bubble Tea, This is the Dessert to try in Harajuku in 2020!

Harajuku is one of the best places in Tokyo to go if you're looking for a tasty sweet treat. There are countless shops offering crepes, bubble tea, cotton candy, pancakes, and more. In 2020, however, we predict that this new treat with traditional Japanese flavors will be the hottest dessert item in the neighborhood.

[Nishi Shinjuku] Unlimited Hand-Drip Coffee for ¥3,000 Per Month

If you work in Nishi Shinjuku and drink coffee every day, this is one place you definitely need to know about!

Discover uniquely Japanese adaptations of Western cuisine at tcc Ginza-no Yoshoku in Ginza!

Discover Japan's 'yoshoku' at a restaurant with a great view in central Ginza. The place introduced in this article is called tcc Ginza-no Yoshoku, and it serves some particularly excellent omurice, hambagu and parfaits!

Daily salad subscription in Nishi Shinjuku for ¥4,800 a month at coffee mafia

For a limited time, coffee mafia is offering its new salad subscription for ¥4,800 (regular price is ¥6,000).

Kobe Plaisir Ginza's Incredible Teppanyaki Courses

One of Tokyo's most amazing teppanyaki experiences can be found at Kobe Plaisir Ginza. The restaurant boasts courses that feature Kobe Beef and other Japanese delicacies such as the Japanese spiny lobster (ise-ebi).

Kurage: Delightful Seafood Izakaya In Shinjuku's Kabukicho

Kurage is the kind of quaint seafood izakaya that we really love. They serve excellent quality foods but everything is fairly priced. You must try their seafood, slowly grilled over a charcoal fire! The course we tried also included sashimi, wagyu beef, and anago tempura, just to name a few things.

You will see sake differently once you visit GASHUE in Ueno

Discover the four basic Japanese sake types and what foods to pair them with at Permium Sake Pub GASHUE in Ueno, Tokyo. Tasting sets (four sakes paired with four foods) are available for just ¥1,900.

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