Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Tokyo Metropolis (central part of the Kanto region)! Major cities and places of interest in Tokyo Metropolis (東京都, Tokyo Metropolis) include Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Minato, Toshima, Taito. Tokyo Metropolis is famous for cosmopolitan, international city with all kinds of cuisines from across Japan and the world, having its own style of savory pancake called Monja Yaki, the Tsukiji Fish Market (the largest in the world), and being home to a plethora of museums and other cultural institutions.
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Craft Sake Week 2020 at Roppongi Hills

During 10 days, Roppongi Hills Arena will showcase over 110 breweries in a huge event for sake lovers and foodies.

Yoyogi Park's Earth Day 2020

Earth Day in Tokyo is a joyful celebration held annually in April in Yoyogi Park. Go to learn about environmental causes, have unusual festival food and drinks, listen to live music, and enjoy an overall great vibe!

Tokyo's Sanja Matsuri 2020: Shinto Floats, Geishas and Yakuzas

One of Tokyo's most interesting traditional festival has to be the Sanja Matsuri. It is held annually in May on the grounds of the Sensoji Temple. You'll see beautiful ornated floats, geishas, and even shirtless yakuzas.

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Takagaki no Sushi: Unbelivably Good Sushi in Ningyocho, Tokyo

Takagaki no Sushi is a newcomer to the Tokyo sushi scene, offering incredibly fresh, impeccable sushi served in a cozy and intimate setting (an old building from the Taisho era with just 6 counter seats). It's still unknown among tourists, but that's likely to change very soon!

Ginza Yamaji: Famous Kaiseki and Half Year-Aged Sea Bream Chazuke!

Ginza Yamaji is one of the best places in Ginza to get a high-end kaiseki course meal. If you've got the money to spend, you won't regret choosing Yamaji for a fancy dinner night in Ginza.

Yakitori Chef from Ugly Delicious Has a New Restaurant Called Kodama

The incredible yakitori that David Chang ate on an episode of the Netflix show 'Ugly Delicious' was at a restaurant called 'Masakichi.' However, the chef has since opened a new restaurant in a different part of Tokyo called 'Yakitori Kodama,' and that's the place to go if you want to try the chicken that made David Chang cry.

Cozy Kaiseki in Central Tokyo at 'Suzunari'

looking for a cozy, local spot to enjoy a fantastic Japanese kaiseki meal that's central yet off the beaten path? If so, head to Yotsuya in Tokyo to a small restaurant called 'Suzunari' to have a delicious and unforgettable meal.

Have You Tried the Wagyu Ramen in Ginza Yet? 和牛ラーメン!

If you're a ramen head, this is one bowl of luxurious ramen that you've got to add to your to-eat list. The umami-filled bowl is topped with juicy sous vide-cooked duck and chicken chashu, delicious menma, and a big slice of premium wagyu that slowly melts into the soup. Yum.

5 Mostly Unknown Tokyo Sushi Bars With Incredibly Delicious Sushi

In Tokyo, the most famous restaurants are usually booked for months and incredibly expensive, but going into an unknown restaurant is unsettling. Don't worry! The sushi counters in this article all serve sushi delicious enough to merit fame, yet are still mostly unknown to tourists. Enjoy!

Why Tokyo is a Foodie's Heaven (+ Best Restaurants in Tokyo)

Tokyo is the ultimate food destination in the world, and you've got questions: What should I eat in Tokyo? How much does it cost to dine out in Tokyo? Where should a foodie like me stay? These questions will be answered, along with our restaurant recommendations for the most popular types of Japanese food. Enjoy!

10 izakayas in Shibuya that are delicious, authentic and affordable

For a fun evening in Shibuya, try one of these 10 izakaya-style restaurants serving excellent food and drinks, and that have the perfect izakaya atmosphere.

Tokyo wagyu | 5 restos serving affordable & tasty wagyu dishes

Looking for wagyu in Tokyo but don't want to pay a fortune? Then these five restaurants have some amazing options that are tasty, original and under ¥2,000!

Delicious fluffy 'omurice' in Omotesando at 'litte pool coffee'

Omurice is a popular Japanese dish that basically consists of a Japanese-style omelette on fried rice. A good place to try this simple, yet delicious dish is at little pool coffee in the Omotesando-Harajuku area.

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