Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for the Kanto region! Kanto (関東, literally eastern part) is the easternmost region of Japan's Honshu island. The Kanto region consists of 7 prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa. Kanto is famous for being the most developed urban center of Japan comprising a third of the country's population.
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5 Great Places For All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku In Shinbashi

The all-you-can-eat courses introduced in this article range in price from about ¥3,000 to ¥8,000. There are also some all-you-can-drink options and some courses that include some excellent quality Japanese beef.

Tokyo's Hamarikyu Gardens: A Quick Guide

Located near Shimbashi Station in central Tokyo, the Hamarikyu Gardens offer a chance to take a stroll through old trees and beautiful seasonal flowers. Don't leave the gardens without stopping in for some matcha and seasonal wagashi at the island tea house!

The Best Sushi Restaurant You've Never Heard Of: Shimbashi Shimizu

Tucked away in a narrow street near Shimbashi Station, Shimbashi Shimizu serves some of the best sushi found anywhere in Tokyo. Despite the quality of the product, the price is reasonable and you don't need to wait months to get a reservation. Wow!

Eat Like Genghis Khan at Hokkaido Genghis Khan 'Kita Jin' (Tokyo)

Tucked away near Hamamatsucho Station, 'Kita Jin,' offers authentic Hokkaido-style genghis khan in a relaxed atmosphere. The lamb meat is delivered to the restaurant chilled, not frozen, giving it a freshness that is better than can be found at most genghis khan restaurants.

Slightly Wacky, Totally Awesome Yakiniku in Tokyo (Daimon)

'tHe Good MoR~Ning' is a special yakiniku restaurant near Daimon Staion, Tokyo, that serves a mix of traditional and original yakiniku in a small, hip storefront. If you're looking for a yakiniku restaurant that breaks the mold, this is a great place!

100+ Years of Making Delicious Unagi (Eel) at 'Ishibashi' in Tokyo

Ishibashi is an unagi (eel) restaurant with a Michelin star and a long, storied history in the middle of Tokyo. The restaurant is in a beautiful building that was rebuilt after the war using pieces of the original Meiji-era building that was burnt down. This is an amazing option for those looking to try some of the best unagi in Tokyo in a beautiful setting.

Lamb Ramen in Tokyo: Maybe Should We Call it 'Baa-men?'

In November 2019, a new ramen shop opened in Tokyo's Jimbocho neighborhood that serves a very unique kind of ramen: Lamb ramen! It's perhaps one of the rarest ramens you'll find in Tokyo and is quite interesting (and tasty) to eat! If you're a fan of lamb meat, you've got to give it a try!

All-You-Can-Eat A5 Kobe Beef Shabu-Shabu at 'Iidabashi Batake' [Tokyo]

If you've ever dreamed of eating as much premium, A5 wagyu (Japanese beef) as your heart desires without spending a fortune, 'Iidabashi Batake' in Iidabashi, Tokyo might be just what you're looking for. The restaurant specializes in wagyu shabu-shabu, and offers several all-you-can-eat options at a very reasonable price!

Beef Cutlets from Kyoto, now in Tokyo!

牛カツ "Gyukatsu", delicious deep-fried cutlets of Japanese beef, originally from a specialised restaurant in Kyoto, can now be eaten in Tokyo! As of June 12th, if you head to Katsugyu in Takadonababa, you will also be able to enjoy this delicious cuisine from Kyoto.

8 Best Ramen Shops In Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Now known as the food that represents Japan, ramen is loved by all people. Instant ramen and chain stores has been becoming famous so ramen has become a meal that can eaten fairly easily all the time. Don’t you want to enjoy a bowl of delicious ramen if you were to eat it? So, this time we will introduce delicious ramen restaurants located in the hot spot of ramen, Takadanobaba in Tokyo.

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