Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for the Kanto region! Kanto (関東, literally eastern part) is the easternmost region of Japan's Honshu island. The Kanto region consists of 7 prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa. Kanto is famous for being the most developed urban center of Japan comprising a third of the country's population.
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Where To Have Breakfast in Hip Shimokitazawa!

These are the best places to grab a tasty breakfast in trendy Shimokitazawa. If you haven't been to Shimokitazwa yet, you should definitely check out this hip and young neighbourhood with tons of nice cafes and second-hand stores!

A Guide To Hip Shimokitazawa (Tokyo)!

Shimokitazawa is a cool neighbourhood in Tokyo with a laid-back vibe, good and cheap food and tons of places to shop for second-hand fashion. Here's the low down on what to do in this awesome area.

A Kid's Lunch For Kids & Adults at 100 Spoons in Futakotamagawa in Tokyo

At 100 Spoons in Futakotamagawa (Tokyo), on any given day, you can see many mothers waiting in line to come to this popular resto. The restaurant offers free baby food adapted to your child's age. You can also go by yourself or with other grownups for the adult's kid's lunch plate! I went to try it out!

Mont-Saint-Michel Omelettes at Bistro Tama in Futakotamagawa (Tokyo)

You can have the famously fluffy Mont Saint-Michel omelettes at Bistro Tama. The "omurice" (omelette and rice) is super soft thanks to the eggs and there is a juicy Hamburg steak on top!

Gyusho: a Rare Tokyo Yakiniku Restaurant Serving Miyazaki Wagyu!

Premium beef from Miyazaki Prefecture, in the southeastern part of Kyushu is some of the most highly-regarded in Japan. Even in the giant metropolis of Tokyo, there are very few locations specialing in the beef. One such restaurant is called 'Gyusho,' and should be on every meat-lovers list!

Original and Delicious Curry at 'Planet of Curry' in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Located 5 minutes from Shimokitazawa Station in southwest Tokyo, 'Planet of Curry' (カレーの惑星) is a small curry shop that has gained popularity for the beautiful and original curry dishes it serves. The chef uses colorful ingredients such as edible flowers to decorate the unique-tasting curries, making typically plain dishes into visually appealing plates! If you're interested in trying a curry that's a little different than the norm, head to Shimokitazawa to check this place out!

That's Omurice?? Tokyo Cafe Serves Order-Made Omurice Masterpieces!

'Cafe Tint' is a small cafe tucked away in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. The cafe's signature menu item is its omurice, which can be fully customized with more than 13,000 possible combinations! They don't just look good, however, they also taste fantastic by any omurice standard!

A Hidden Treasure! Must-Try Vietnamese Restaurants In Tokyo

It is rare to find Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo, so I will spot out some of the best Vietnamese restaurants here, so you can enjoy some pho and Vietnamese spring rolls here in Tokyo!

Perfect For Souvenirs! Visit Tokyo Okashi Land For Cute Souvenirs From Tokyo!

Tokyo station has many attractions and shops inside the station, and one of the streets is called Tokyo Okashi Land. Okashi means snacks in Japanese, so you can find famous Japanese snacks such as Jagarico and Pocky, but in limited edition flavors that you can only purchase at Tokyo station! It is a perfect place to find gifts and souvenirs, but they also have some food stands that you can enjoy at the spot!

Tokyo Station Bento: Where To Get The Best Ekiben!

Tokyo Station is a huge bullet train hub. Chances are that if you're traveling from Tokyo to somewhere else in Japan, your journey will start at that station. While on the train, it's customary in Japan to eat a bento box lunch bought at the station. These are commonly called ekiben. Enjoying your ekiben in the train is a fun part of the traveling experience in Japan so make sure to grab yours before getting on the train. Here are some good places to buy some them at the Tokyo Station.

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