Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Fukuoka Prefecture (northern part of Kyushu island)! Major cities and places of interest in Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県, Fukuoka Prefecture) include Fukuoka City, Kitakyushu, and Kurume. Fukuoka Prefecture is famous for tonkotsu ramen, motsunabe (innards hot pot), seafood, Ohori Park in Fukuoka city, and Kushida Shrine.
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Cat Cafes In Fukuoka, Or Where To Make A Fluffy Friend

Here is the list of the places you should visit while in Fukuoka to have a truly relaxing time petting a fluffy cat and drinking coffee. If you miss your pet back home, or if you're need of some relaxing time, stop by one of these fun cat cafes!

Incredible Restaurants You Must Try In Fukuoka!

Look no further, these are the best restaurants to try while in Fukuoka! From sushi and kaiseki ryouri to unagi, without forgetting udon, ramen and so many more. Give them all a try if you have the chance!

An Unlikely Collaboration: Ippudo & Hard Rock Cafe Create A Ramen Burger!

The world-famous Ippudo ramen restaurant is collaborating with Hard Rock Cafe in Hakata with their own original menu. The campaign called, "THIS IS HAKATA 2018" will be from July 2nd to August 31st, 2018.

Kokura Castle And Its Japanese Garden

Kokura Castle is a must-visit spot if you are going to Kitakyushu. The castle has a beautiful Japanese garden too that you can access for a small price.

Autumn In Fukuoka to Embrace the Fall in Japan!

Wondering what to do when you arrive there? Here is a list of when will be the best time for autumn leaf viewing (紅葉) and where to visit in Fukuoka.

5 Outstanding Spots To Marvel At The Autumn Colors In Fukuoka

Fukuoka's autumn foliage season is usually from mid-November to early December. Here are five of the best spots in the prefecture to see the beautiful red and yellow leaves.

5 Bars In Fukuoka You'll Be Glad To Know About

Looking for a nice place to drink in Fukuoka? Check out this list! It contains some of the best bars in the city, both for their outstanding drinks and their amazing atmosphere.

Delicious Miso Motsunabe at Motsunabe Ichifuji in Fukuoka!

Motsunabe might not be your thing, but if you haven't had it yet, you should try it at Motsunabe Ichifuji! Their miso motsunabe just might you change your mind! It's a great place to have a nice dinner and some drinks with your friends.

Join the Hataka Dontaku Festival in Fukuoka

Hataka Dontaku is one of the most traditional festivals in Japan, being celebrated for over 800 years. Every year, during Golden Week, it gathers nearly 2 million people in Fukuoka.

What is Hakata Style Ramen? All About the Popular Tonkatsu Ramen.

Both inside of Japan and around the world, one of the most popular types of ramen is called 'Hakata Ramen.' This article will talk about the origins of Hakata ramen and introduce the original Hakata ramen restaurant (it's still open)!

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Incredible Restaurants You Must Try In Fukuoka!

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5 Outstanding Spots To Marvel At The Autumn Colors In Fukuoka


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