Updated: November 06, 2018
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Charming, Delicious and Authentic Cafes Near The Nippori Station!

Nippori Station is located in Taito-ku, an old working-class neighborhood of Tokyo. Lately, it's been really gaining in popularity because of a renewed interest in Tokyo's old-fashion town-scape and traditional way of life. You'll see many beautiful old wooden houses along charming mom and pop stores. An interesting thing to do there is to go around the cafes in the area. Most of them retain the quaintness of the area yet are tastefully renovated and offer very original quality products. Here are 5 cafes you should try out!

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Chocolatier Inamura Shoza

Chocolatier Inamura Shoza is a chocolate maker with a beautiful cafe space located at about a 2-minute walk from the Nippori Station to the west. While you are enjoying your coffee, you have to have one of the delicious cakes, pastries it serves for about 500 yen. Chef Inamura Shozo is renowned for his exquisite creations. The cafe's recommendation is the pound cake which is freshly baked every morning!


Ogyochi is at about an 8 to 10-minute walk from Nippori Station to its west. The place is amazing for its retro decor. It's as if it were frozen in the Showa era. The foods too are quite authentic of that period. You can have a lemon flavor fruit jelly that is the most popular item there. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity and is very refreshing as a summer treat. They have shaved ice too and Japanese sweets with fruits and azuki beans and ice cream. You can have coffee, tea or cold drinks.


Hagiso is located a 5-minute walk from the Nippori Station. This place is really charming and tastefully decorated. There is even an art studio on the second floor and the walls are decorated with the studio's modern art paintings. It serves delectable cakes and great coffee too! You can also order light meals such as keema curry and sandwiches. On a nice day, you can use the terrace at the back of the store.


Nekoemon is located a 10 to 12-minute walk to the west of Nippori Station or a 7-minute walk to the east of Sendagi Station. This cafe made out of wood is really quaint! It's like walking into an old Japanese house. The area is famous for having lots temples and cats, and the theme of Nekoemon is cats. You can order all kinds of cat-shaped pastries such as doughnuts or mont blanc, and there is also a real cat living in the cafe. You can get a cake set for 700 yen which includes a coffee or tea and a cake of your choice.


Gayoshi is yet another charming cake-cafe of the area. It is located closer to the Sendagi Station but you can still walk to it from Nippori, passing through the Yanaka Ginza shopping street. At Gayoshi you get exquisite cakes for less than 500 yen. There is a popular roll cake filled with sweet beans and strawberries that is particularly delicious. Coffee and Japanese teas are 400 yen. If you order that with a cake you'll get 100 yen off.


Hope you'll enjoy exploring the area and trying out many of its original coffee and cake shops! For more on the area near Nippori Station, refer to the link below.

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