Updated: February 01, 2019
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Looking For Authentic Izakaya Restaurants Near Nippori Station? Here's Where You Should Go!

Nippori Station is in an area that is really interesting to visit. It's been really gaining in popularity for the past few years with tourists and Japanese people looking to get a feel of an old Tokyo neighboorhood atmosphere. If you are near Nippori Station and would like to have drinks and food at good, friendly neighborhood izakayas, here's where you should go!

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Unatetsusho is an amazingly good Izakaya-style restaurant specializing in unagi (eel) dishes just a stone throw away from the Nippori Station. If you want something hearty, don't hesitate and take the very popular unagi don (eel on a bowl of rice) that has a perfect balance of rice volume and perfectly tare sauce-glazed unagi. Another popular choice is the "unagi ham" (580 yen) shown below. You can have all kinds of other unagi small dishes, yakitori, and vegetables for about 400 to 700 yen. The place has good sake and shochu too. They go very well with unagi.


Idumiya is just a minute walk from the station from the East Exit. This place is often very crowded and is quite beloved by the local for its retro Showa Era style atmosphere! The home-made Japanese "soul food" dishes such as ham and fried eggs, sashimi bowls, deep fried cutlets, grilled fish, pickles, octopus legs, nimono (stewed foods) in dashi and soy sauce, and many other. You'll surely get a delicious, authentic taste of the Japanese kitchen here. Many people enjoy beer and sake while they enjoy the great food. Going there shouldn't cost you much more than 2,000.


Tagitsuya is located very near the Nishi Nippori Station. The place has a nice warm interior, ideal for enjoying a relaxing evening with friends. It specializing in okonomiya (Japanese savory pancakes in which you choose the vegetables and meat you want inside). Tables are equipped with large iron plates so that you can cook the okonomiyaki yourself. Drinks are pretty cheap, most of them are between 420 to 500 yen. You can get the very delicious and popular Suntory malt draft beer or Suntory whiskey high ball.


Tadaima is a minute walk from the East Exit of the Nippori Station. It specializes in kushi-age, basically deep-fried skewers. These are amazingly good. You can have vegetables, different types of meat and even cheese kushi-age. They are made of quality ingredients too (some Izakaya serve frozen processed ones) so you get an authentic taste. Put some sauce on them and you'll be in heaven! The drink menu is a pretty standard one. You can have an all-you-can-drink course with 7 kinds of kushi-age for 3,500.


Kitahachi is located close to the Nishi Nippori Station. It specializes in tripe but you can get a variety of other snacks and dishes too. You can get a delicious rich meat stew with tofu for only 380 yen. The pork skewers and fried cuttle fish are 180 yen. Why not try the izakaya's original "vice sour", which is a plum-base sour drink (330 yen) shown below. Draft beers and other drinks are about 500 yen. Food and drinks are great, but above all, people say that the friendliness of the staff is what makes this place so special!


This article presented authenticly good izakaya-style bars and restaurants near the historic neighborhood of Nippori. Hope it'll be useful to you next time you go there!

If you like the area, there are also so really nice cafes to try! Check out the link below for cafe suggestions.

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