Updated: May 29, 2019
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The 5 Finest Sushi Restaurants Near Shimbashi Station


Kaiten sushi is great for a cheap satisfying meal, but when you want to try something authentic and of the best quality, you'd better look for places that have solid reputations of serving sushi made from the finest ingredients and made by the hands of experienced sushi chefs. Near the Shimbashi Station, you will find many of the top-rated sushi restaurants in Tokyo. Although very pricey, these places will bring you to sushi heaven! A must-try at least once in a lifetime.

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Sushi Arai

Sushi Arai is located a 5-minute from the Simbashi Station or the Ginza Station. This restaurant has a Michelin star. You know then that you're in for something special when you go there. The restaurant has a simple clean Japanese design. There is a long wooden counter on which the dishes are served. Sitting at the counter seats, you can enjoy looking at the sushi chefs' making of your order, and there is also a private room. You'll be served sushi made of the season's top-grade fish. Some sushi are made with red vinegar, adding a subtle and unique difference in taste. Expect to pay from 15,000 yen or more here.

Daisan Harumi Sushi

Daisan Harumi Sushi is located at a 3-minute walk from Shimbashi Station's Hibiya Exit. The chef here has 50 years of experience is his restaurant is recognized as one of the best in Tokyo. The sushi is served on beautiful plates complementing the colors of the fish. The ingredients are of course super fresh and tasty, and you will be given written explanations of what you are served in English if you don't understand Japanese. There is a private room available with a capacity of up to 8 people. This place is highly recommended for an unforgettable sushi experience!

Sushi Tokami

Sushi Tokami is located a 5-minute walk to the north of the Shimbashi Station. This is another place with one Michelin star. You'll get great signature dishes from the young chef that is quickly becoming known as one of the best in the city. He is also really welcoming to foreigners, as he's lived abroad himself. The evening course includes many seasonal fish. One of the particularities here is the addition on some sushi of a sweet and sour sauce that is made from red rice-wine.

Sushi Yoshitake

Sushi Yoshitake is also located on the northern side of the station. This place serves beautiful, exquisite sushi. The water used for cooking the rice is actually from a hot spring in Kagoshima! The chef selects the finest ingredients himself daily from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. He has a great artistic sense so every dish is beautifully arranged on top of having an outstanding taste. There is a beautiful wooden counter in this seclusive restaurant! You won't forget your experience here.

Ginza Sushi KANESAKA

Kanesaka is located to the south of the Shiodome Museum, a 5-minute walk from the Shimbashi Station. There is a cozy atmosphere in this 20-seat restaurant. The sushi chef is quite friendly too. As one might expect from a Michelin starred sushi bar, the quality of the ingredients is simply amazing. The sushi style is Edomae (classic Tokyo-style). There is a lunch course that starts at 6,500 yen, which is very cheap for a restaurant of this caliber!


These sushi bars are expensive but you will get served the best sushi you've ever had in a comfortable atmosphere while you see the sushi chefs make your orders. Definitely worth the go for a special occasion.

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