Updated: February 04, 2019
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Natural Lawson: Health-Conscious People's Favorite Convenience Store

Lawson is one of the major convenience store franchise in Japan. You'll find them practically everywhere in big urban centers. The Lawson group is divided into six different styles targeting slightly different customers. One of them is the Natural Lawson, which is a convenience store with a healthier selection of products than what you find in other convenience stores. It has some of its own original products that are quite nice! You'll be surprised they come from a convenience store! Here is more on Natural Lawson.

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Natural Lawson

You'll find Natural Lawson stores usually in the business districts of large urban centers. Lawson specially created the style with working women in mind. You can find a variety of healthy and low calory snacks and light meals. The products tend to be made of natural ingredients (as the name of the store implies) and you can even find a selection of organic products. The store is also quite famous for its cosmetics.


Aren't these yokan (sweet bean jelly) beautiful!? The blue one is ramune-flavored sprinkles with gold flakes and the yellow one is lemon-flavored and contains an actual lemon slice in it! They are sold for 299 yen. It seems like the kind of dessert they would serve at an expensive cafe!
These onigiri (220 yen) have an unagi (Japanese soft water eel) filling. You would never see that at a regular convenience store! Unagi is kind of an expensive dish usually.
Popcycles with real pieces of fruit! Another great summer treat. Feels like you're eating a dessert but they you are actually eating something healthy!
A different selection of drinks. The one on the left here is water that comes from a hot spring. The pink bottle is a tea which contains many nutrients that are supposed to make you look beautiful. There is also an oolong tea with lots of minerals and nutrients.
Sandwich rolls that look like maki sushi. They are 360 yen.
Natural Lawson also has many beauty products targeting women customers. These are lavender and lemon-scented wipes that are particularly popular during the hot summer months.
For a limited time during the summer, you can even have these green curry steamed buns! Many products change with the season. In spring, you'll see for sure plenty of cherry blossom-flavored desserts.
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