Updated: November 06, 2018
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Best Sushi In Shibuya: From Affordable To High-End Restaurants


It might seem like an overwhelming task to find a nice sushi restaurant in Shibuya, given the number of restaurants in this huge city! Leave this task up to us, we found the best sushi in Shibuya from affordable to high-end. All you have to do is enjoy these awesome sushi restaurants!

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Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

If you want to try affordable sushi in Shibuya, here's the place to go.
Uobei is located 5 minutes away from Hachiko exit of Shibuya station, and there is always a long line of people. As you order on the tablet at your table, you do not have to worry about speaking in Japanese to the waiter.
There are over 80 different types of sushi which are only ¥100 per dish! Swoosh! The sushi you ordered will come on a special bullet train at high speed! It's a very exciting outing for children. Kid meals come with an adorable paper vehicle.

Mawashizushi Katsu Seibu Shibuya

This sushi restaurant is located inside the Seibu department store, which is only 1 minute away from Shibuya station. As this restaurant serves fresh fish from Tsukiji market at a very reasonable price, there is always a long line of customers.
The sushi goes around on a conveyor belt, but you can also order on your own using the tablet placed at each table. There are over 100 dishes on the menu, and even the most expensive sushi is priced at just ¥500. Talk about affordable sushi!

Genki Sushi Shibuya

Genki Sushi Shibuya is located 4 minutes away from Hachiko exit on the main street of Shibuya. With over 60 types of sushi priced at ¥100, it is popular because it's affordable and has so many choices!
You can order your sushi on a tablet in front of you, and your sushi will come by "express train." A good place for a quick and cheap meal!

Uogashi Nihon Ichi Shibuya

While in Tokyo, trying a standing sushi bar is a must! This standing sushi bar is located 5 minutes away from Shibuya station. They make sushi with fresh fish delivered directly from the Tsukiji fish market, yet the prices are shockingly cheap! You can have one piece of sushi for only ¥75, so if you want high-end tasting sushi at a reasonable price, this is the place to go!
The sushi you ordered will come on a leaf, and you can casually eat your favorite sushi, standing! You can order a sushi set, or just separately order your favorite sushi.

Sushizanmai Shibuya East Exit Store

Sushi Zanmai is one of the best-known restaurant chains in Japan and is based in the Tsukiji Fish Market. This store is open 24 hours, so you can go here when you are craving sushi in the middle of the night too!
They have various sushi sets and sashimi rice bowls (kaisendon). It is neither a conveyor belt sushi restaurant nor a standing sushi bar, so you can just conventionally sit down and relax while enjoying some fresh sushi.


If you want to try the best quality sushi and you do not mind the price, here is a place for you. Located 7 minutes away from Shibuya, it has a much calmer and classier atmosphere compared to the crowded main streets of Shibuya.
But, you can only eat at this restaurant if you reserve beforehand!
They use the freshest and most delicious fish of the season, and the chef will make the sushi in front of you after you order.
To experience real high-end sushi and the classical style of sushi dining, Kurosaki is a great restaurant for you.


This store is located 3 minutes away from the station yet you won't feel the bustle of the city. With only 10 counter seats, you can enjoy watching the chef make your sushi.
At dinner time, the price range is ¥10,000~ ¥14,999, but if you want to splurge and try some exquisite high-end sushi, this is the place! For lunch, the prices are much more reasonable. You can have really excellent lunchtime sushi for about ¥3,000.


There are so many sushi restaurants in Shibuya, and compared to what you may find back home, the prices and types of restaurants vary greatly. So when looking for the best restaurant in Shibuya, please refer to this list!

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