Updated: April 17, 2018
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Delicious Additive-Free Ramen With Rich Dipping Sauce at Tsukemen Takekawa, Tokyo!

Tsukemen Takekawa is shop in Sangenjaya specialized in tsukemen (dipping ramen). Their popular menu "Additive-free tsukemen" has very rich chicken paitan sauce, chewy noodles, and organic vegetables. You should try this beautiful tsukemen.

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Tsukemen Takekawa (つけ麺竹川)

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It is located a 7 minutes walk from the north exit of Sangenjaya station. This shop specializes in tsukemen, a type of ramen where you dip chilled ramen noodles in a hot soup.
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They only have 7 counter seats. You can watch ramen being made while waiting. They have Wi-Fi too.

Must-try "Additive-free tsukemen"

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Their signature menu is "Additive-free tsukemen (無添加つけ麺)". You can choose from 3 sizes (small/小, regular/中, large/大) and all priced 900 yen. As the name says, this beautiful ramen comes with additive-free dipping sauce and also organic vegetable toppings.

Rich and creamy chicken paitan

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This white dipping sauce is called chicken paitan which is made from concentrated chicken stock. It's topped with shavings of smoked then dried chicken adding flavors to the soup.
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The soup is not just thick but very rich and creamy. They only use selected parts of seleced chicken, which makes it incredibly delicious and flavorul without distict smell of chicken.

Special chewy noodles

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Their noodles are special order to a famous noodles company. They contains whole wheat and are nice and chewy.
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Dipping into the soup. They go well with the rich soup.


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The soup contains a satisfying amount of juicy chicken meat balls and roast pork chunks.
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The vegetables are organic which is good for you and the environment. They use seasonal vegetables. You can enjoy them without any seasoning and with dipping as they also go well with the soup.

Build your own tsukemen with variety of condiments

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They have a variety of condiments on the table so you can add flavors. First, try the tsukemen as it is and then, enjoy changing the flavor with these condiments. Here is the examples of the condiments;
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Chopped onions are a popular item which can add texture and flavor. There are also lemon juice and yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) flakes to make the soup refreshing.
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It is Kyoto's "kuro shichimi" made of several spices. If you want to make the tsukemen spicier, try it.
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They even have the curry-flavored paste which actually matches the rich chicken soup. You can enjoy the taste of the soup changed dramatically by adding it.
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They recommend to get a bowl of rice (50 yen) and put it in the leftover soup. It becomes like a creamy curry risotto and you can finish the delicious soup.


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Tsukemen Takekawa offers an incredible rich dipping ramen of additive-free soup, chewy noodles, organic vegetables, and many condiments. If you look for tsukemen in Tokyo, it would be a great, healthier, and exciting option to choose!
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