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Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M: Try One Of Japan's Most Famous Beef At This Osaka Restaurant!

Osaka City

Matsusakagyu Yakiniku is a famous Japanese-style bbq restaurant that has a few branches in Osaka. It specializes in Matsusaka beef, a type of wagyu that is extremely famous in Japan and abroad. One branch is located in the beautiful Hozenji Yokocho alley. If you are interested in fine-quality Japanese beef, you should definitely stop by Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M in Hozenji Yokocho!

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Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M

The restaurant is located in the 80 meters long Hozenji Yokocho alley, to the south of the Dotombori street, which explains in part its popularity. You can get there by walking 5 minutes from the Namba Station. Hozenji Yokocho is a must-see spot in Osaka, so while you're there, why not stop at Matsusakagyu for a great Japanese dinner of exquisite meat?

About Matsusaka Beef

The restaurant specializes in serving Matsusaka beef. Matsusaka is a kind of Japanese beef raised in Mie prefecture (near Matsusaka city). The cattle are raised with the utmost care and fed a special diet which results in a meat that has a high fat-to-meat ratio. Matsusaka Yakiniku M is in direct contact with the cattle farms in Mie and specially select their meat. The aim of the restaurant is to provide quality meat at an affordable price.


The meat is so tasty in itself that it can be enjoyed simply with a little bit of salt or soy sauce.
A good idea is to select a Matsusaka Beef course. From 3,800 yen per person, you get assorted appetizers, Matsusaka short rib with leek and salt, a salad, 3 different parts of Matsusaka beef (mainly lean beef), rice or porridge with wasabi and a dessert! Two other courses are available at 5,800 and 7,800 yen. The difference is that they include some more expensive marbled beef.
If you order a la carte, prices vary from 780 to 3,000 yen per item.
A popular appetizer is the Matsusaka marbled beef sushi. The meat is extremely tender. The recommended way of eating it is by pouring a little bit of specially made soy sauce.
The original menu uses Matsusaka beef in almost everything! The chef's choice is this Matsusaka beef miso soup (680 yen). For ramen lovers, there is even a Matsusaka beef ramen. Using beef broth instead of pork makes it much less oily than traditional ramen.
If you are ordering a la carte, it's a good idea to get some assorted vegetables (600 yen) or kimchi (400 yen) which goes so well with grilled meat.
As for the drinks, you can order Japanese sake, shochu (Japanese or Korean), beer, cocktails and soft drinks from 380 to 1,200 yen.


Hope you'll enjoy this gastronomical experience! For more things to do around the area, check out the following link!
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