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Uzna Omom: Chain Cafes Specializing In Pancakes In Tokyo!

Do you have a pancake craving? No worries! You can enjoy delicious pancakes at this chain cafe: Uzna Omom. Each branch has a unique interior and a special menu.

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Uzna Omom Harajuku Honten

Shoplist om http://www.uznaomom.com/shoplist.html
Uzna Omom was established in 2004. The cafe was a small 33 square meters one room mansion before the renovation. It has a cozy space to escape from the crowded Tokyo city. There are sofas to rest and books for reading while waiting for your orders to arrive.


1709 fig http://www.uznaomom.com/menu.html
Uzna Omom cafe specializes pancakes. You can have it either sweet or savory. Choices include honey butter lemon (1,000 yen), fried banana & whipped cream (1,100 yen), smoked salmon & camembert cheese (1,150 yen), and many more!

The picture above is the September's monthly pancake, which is a caramelized figs and custard for 1,400 yen. It is available at all stores.
A weekly deli assortment is available in all branches. It is advisable to order it during lunch for a good bargain.

3 items deli plate (+rice or pancake) : 1,200 yen | [Lunch time] 1,020 yen
3 items combination platter : 900 yen
Single item : 500 yen

Uzna Omom B One

Uzna Omom B One is located next to the Harujuku honten (main branch) that is the most spacious, with 32 seats. The interior is full of greenery. You can make reservations for private or public events from wedding parties to workshops. The cafe also has a piano that can be used for the live concerts. It is a multi purpose cafe with Wi-Fi and power source.

The thick fluffy pancake below is included in the store's special menu that is popular in Taiwan's branches. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to bake the pancake. The pancake is 1,100 yen for a single and 1,600 yen for double.
B1 atuyaki http://www.uznaomom.com/menu.html

Uzna Omom Komagome

It is located nearby the famous Rikugien garden with a high ceiling and loft-style seats where you can see the beautiful scenery of the garden.

Uzna Omom Komagome has a store special menu of gluten-free pancakes made using bean curd lees from the neighborhood tofu maker. The pancake is served with tofu dip and brown sugar syrup for only 900 yen.
C3 okara http://www.uznaomom.com/menu.html#grandmenu

Fun Facts...

uzna omom Taiwan | 杏桃鬆餅屋

Shoplist tw http://www.uznaomom.com/shoplist.html
If you happen to tour around Taiwan, you may want to visit these branches by Uzna Omom. The first branch in Taiwan was established in 2012. To bring the essence of the Tokyo's pancakes to Taiwan, the owner created the thick pancake recipe there. You can eat great-tasting pancakes adapted to the local preferences of Taiwan. It became famous and loved by the locals.

忠孝店:台北市忠孝東路四段216巷19弄16號 TEL 02-2771-2977
中壢大江店:桃園市中壢區中園路二段501號4F 大江國際購物中心4F TEL 03-468-0330
統一時代店:台北市忠孝東路五段8號1F 統一時代百貨1F TEL 02-2722-0179
南港店:台北市忠孝東路七段369號2F CITY LINK 南港車站A棟2F  TEL 02-2652-9220
復興SOGO復興店:台北市大安區忠孝東路三段300號5F SOGO百貨復興館5F TEL 02-8772-303

Featured in Magazines

Uzna Omom B One branch was featured in "otona no kafe", a Japanese magazine. Uzna Omom Komagome was featured in OZ magazine, another Japanese magazine.
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