Updated: November 06, 2018
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Little Edo, Kawagoe! A Town That Will Bring you Back to the Samurai Era!

Kawagoe, located in Saitama, is famous for its Little Edo. Kawagoe is less than an hour away from Tokyo. It definitely draws you back to the olden days of Japan. There are many fish dishes such as ramen, unaju (eel) and more in the town. Also, you can feel free to snack around the town without people staring at you.

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Little Edo

It is also known as Koedo (小江戸) in Saitama. It's a town that is well preserved with traditional warehouses and arts from several centuries back. It's a great place to trace back history and embrace the foods, goods, and architectures of the past.

Kawagoe Festival

Kawagoe festival is also known as "Edo Tenka Matsuri". It is a celebration held for 2 days on the 3rd weekend of October in the traditional architecture (Kurazukuri) zone. A couple of festival floats carrying exquisitely crafted dolls are carried around the center of the Kurazukuri zone. Do not miss the best part of the event called "Hikawase" in the evening. A program where several floats competing with each other while a traditional Japanese orchestra (Hayashi performance) performs.


Kotobuki-Seimen Yoshikawa | 寿製麺 よしかわ

Yoshikawa is famous for its ramen and noodles that are served separately from soup for dipping (tsukemen). The restaurant serves unique toppings. You can order the noodles with roasted pork (char siu) and fish (iwashi fish). A bowl of noodles is less than 1,000 yen which is pocket-friendly. Take note that this restaurant is closed on Sunday.

Ogakiku | 小川菊

Ogakiku has been serving freshwater eel (unagi) for over 200 years. It is always packed with people, so remember to queue and obtain your waiting ticket if you are going during lunch time. A meal can cost from 2,500-4,500 yen per person depending on what you order. It is famous for grilled eel in a box (unaju) and plainly grilled eel (shirayaki).

Kawagoe Ichinoya | 川越 いちのや

This is a great restaurant to eat freshwater eel (Unagi) in Kawagoe. It is called unaju, which means unagi in a box. It can be pretty pricey (3,500-7,000 yen) depending on which set you are ordering. But, it is definitely worth the price.


Sweet Potato Snack | 芋チップス

In one of the back streets nearby the clock tower, there is a store that sells these sweet potato chips along with Koedo beer. Koedo beer written as COEDO on the seal is made in Kawagoe. Do give a try when you pass by!
Dango is popular in Kawagoe too! It is grilled and topped with salty sauce. There are also other flavors available.

Souvenir: Omiyage | お土産

Wheat bran Sweets Coated with Brown Sugar: Fukashi | 麸菓子

Fukashi is a sweet made from wheat bran coated with brown sugar. It is a popular item to get as a souvenir because of its shape. Sometimes, it is kept in a katana-like (Japanese sword) box.

Imokoi | いも恋

Imokoi is mochi with sweet potato and adzuki bean paste wrapped inside. It is less sweet than other traditional sweets. It cost only 180 yen for each if you want to eat it fresh. You can also buy a box of a few as a souvenir.

Seasoned Beans | 豆菓子

Various beans are coated with flavored powders such as Japanese green tea (matcha), roasted soybean flour (kinako), and others. There are also marinated beans available. You can try them before deciding which one to buy. The staff there are very friendly and helpful.


JR Saikyo Line: Shinjuku to Kawagoe (60 mins)

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line: Yurakucho to Kawagoe (60 mins)

Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line: Shibuya to Kawagoe (60 mins)

Seibu Shinjuku Line Red Arrow Limited Express: Seibu Shinjuku to Honkawagoe (45 mins)

You can get off at JR Kawagoe Station or Honkawagoe Station of the Seibu Shinjuku Line if you enjoy walking across the neighborhood nearby for approximately 20 minutes. Or, get CO-EDO Loop Bus daily pass for 500 yen that covers a wide range of tourist spots.

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