Updated: November 06, 2018
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COEDO Beer: Signature Craft Beer From Kawagoe, Saitama!


Kawagoe is a town that tells the story of olden Tokyo. It has also a manufacturer of a craft beer known as the COEDO Beer. The beer is made from sweet potatoes which are produced in abundance in the region. In Kawagoe, you can enjoy the local beer while time traveling back to the Edo period.

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COEDO Beer was established in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture in 1996. The name COEDO actually means Little Tokyo (koedo | 小江戸) in Japanese. It created a world-class craft beer made with sweet potatoes using German techniques.


The five beers in the house are named after Japanese color hues: Kyara, Ruri, Shiro, Shikkoku, and Beniaka. The popular flavors are Shiro, Kyara, and Shikkoku. Shiro is a hefeweizen that has a hint of creme brulee scent and bananas, caramel, and cloves with a dark cloudy deep gold body. Kyara is an American Pale Lager that has a fruity and malty sweet scent with an amber golden body. On a side note, Kyara is often found in can packaging. Shikkoku is a schwarzbier that has a complex taste of smokey, earthy, cocoa and a bland sweet taste with an opaque black body. Shikkuko has received the most awards among all such as iTQi, European Beer Star Award, and Monde Selection Grand.

Region Limited Craft Beer

Gekka is a dunkelweizen that has a taste that is a combination of roast malt and bananas with a dark mahogany-brown body. It is a region limited series that you can only get it at Kawagoe for 630ml bottle or 10L barrel.


The beers are often paired with skewered meats and snacks (otsumami| おつまみ). Different flavors of COEDO beers are paired with different skewered meats that are available in pubs and bars in Kawagoe. Snacks that are commonly paired with the beer are dried seafood, nuts, and beans such as edamame.
One of the unique experience of Kawagoe is pairing sweet potato chips with COEDO beer and to explore the wonderful town of a past era. Walking while eating on the streets of Tokyo is usually frowned upon but it is acceptable in Kawagoe.
Another unique experience is to pair beer with eel (unagi| 鰻) bones also called as honesen (骨せん) in Japanese. Eel is a popular dishes in Kawagoe that that attracts many tourists.


You can make use of this other article if you are planning to go to Kawagoe.
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