Updated: August 06, 2019
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9 Great Places to Eat Sushi in Shinjuku, Tokyo!


In Shinjuku, Tokyo, there are so many restaurants that it can get overwhelming sometimes! Even when narrowing your search to just one genre, sushi, there are so many great places to choose from. Use this article to help find the perfect sushi option for you!

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Tuna Demolition Show At Maguro Shoten

They call it the Tuna Demolition Show! And they have good reason to. Maguro Shoten is a tuna specialty restaurant in downtown Shinjuku, in the very heart of red light district Kabukicho. They offer a daily Tuna dismantling and carving show that will leave you drooling for some fresh tuna. Don't be deterred by the red light district location though, it's the perfect place for some great food and some truly good-fun entertainment! If you love tuna or sashimi, this is the place to be! Maguro Shoten has a huge menu of dishes to choose from. Everything from fresh sashimi and sushi, to more original options like flame grilled tuna ribs!
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For Uni lovers: Hokkai Sushi Uni Maru

'Hokkai Sushi Uni Maru' is a sushi restaurant that puts extra effort into serving fresh uni (sea urchin). Uni has a distinctly rich and creamy flavor and is commonly used in Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. However, Uni Maru also serves other delicious sushi made from fresh seafood at a very affordable price. There are 7 different dishes using sea urchin served at Uni Maru, including 'Uni Tempura,' 'Hako Uni Aburi' (Box Of Seared Uni), which shouldn't be missed!
Especially if you are a uni lover, this is a wonderful option for sushi in Shinjuku!

Miyako (みやこ)

Miyako is a sushi restaurant located 9 minutes away from Shinjuku station, on the 3rd floor of Hyatt Regency Hotel. As there are only 14 counter seats, you can enjoy an intimate dining experience.
Miyako will serve only the freshest and finest sushi for you. Although they recommend their omakase course the most, they also have a la carte sushi menus that allow customers to choose their own sushi!

High-End: Kyubey Keio Plaza Hotel Store(久兵衛)

Keio Plaza Hotel is located 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station. Kyubei, a famous traditional sushi restaurant is located on the 7F of this hotel. Although Ginza is their main store, you can have the same high-quality sushi in Shinjuku too!
Kyubey only has courses priced above ¥10,000 even during lunchtime, but you will not regret it after you have a bite of this sushi! They serve only the freshest fish in the best possible way to bring out the taste of each fish.

Open from 7am: SUSHI TOKYO TEN (天)

The idea of eating sushi for breakfast might not even come to your mind but some restaurants do offer the dish from early morning. One restaurant famous for its morning raw fish cuisine is SUSHI TOKYO TEN. You can get for instance a delicious don-buri (bowl of rice with sashimi toppings) for about ¥1,500 that is served from 7 AM.
Sushi Tokyo Ten is located near the New South Exit of Shinjuku Station, in the food court of NeWoman. Until 11:00, the prices are less¥2,000 (for great chirashi bowls). After that, it's a bit pricier as the restaurant switches to omakase sushi courses.

Sushi Rosan Shinjuku Store (鮨 魯山 新宿店)

Sushi Rosan is located 3 minutes away from Shinjuku station, inside of Isetan Department Store. They have counter seats and table seats, but it is most recommended to sit at the counter to be able to watch the chef delicately make your sushi! They have a selection of set menus and chirashidon (sushi rice bowl) that you can choose from, all using the freshest and most delicious sushi of the season!

Itamae Sushi Nishi-Shinjuku Store (板前寿司 西新宿店)

Itamae sushi is a famous sushi chain located in many parts of Tokyo, incorporating both the traditional and modern style of sushi. Unlike the very traditional, high-end sushi restaurants, you can enjoy good sushi at a reasonable and affordable price!
They have combo menus, a la carte sushi and course sushi menus, so you can enjoy sushi in your favorite style. Also, Itamae serves grilled sushi, sushi rolls, and other modern style sushi as well!

Yarou Sushi Shinjuku Main Store (野郎寿司 本店)

Yarou Sushi is a chain restaurant located in several parts of Tokyo, but the Shinjuku store is their main store, and is located in the main streets of Kabukicho district. They also have English, Chinese and Korean menus for foreign visitors.
They serve sushi courses, sushi sets, a la carte sushi, sushi rice bowls, and other seafood dishes. You can enjoy plenty of seafood in just one store, in the middle of Shinjuku!

Uogashi Nihon Ichi Shinjuku Nishiguchi Store (魚がし日本一 新宿西口店)

Uogashi Nihon Ichi is a standing sushi bar located 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station. They make sushi using fresh fish sent from the Toyosu fish market, yet the price is shockingly cheap! You can have sushi at only ¥75!! If you want high-end tasting sushi at a reasonable price in Shinjuku and do not mind standing, give this store a try!
The sushi you ordered will just simply come on a piece of leaf, and you can casually eat your favourite sushi while standing!


Even with just one food genre, sushi, there are many types of restaurants within Shinjuku. This article reviewed several sushi restaurants within the Shinjuku area, from authentic, high-end sushi to more casual, low-cost sushi. Please use this article as a guide when you are looking for sushi restaurants in Shinjuku!

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