Updated: November 06, 2018
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Wakura Onsen Area: A Region that has been beloved for its Onsen for over a Millenium!

Japan is known as an island country with many hot springs called onsens. Wakura is one of the country's best places to enjoy a great onsen experience! In Wakura, the region has preserved its traditions such as its unique Noto dialect, its traditional lacquerware, and its salt-making by the traditional method.

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Noto Peninsula

Noto Peninsula is a region with a well-preserved traditional culture. Noto is known for its breath-taking scenery, seafood, and lacquerware. Access to Noto is not easy by train so it's recommended to rent a car for the commute. Wajima City and Wakura Onsen are the popular spots for tourists. On a side note, one of the reasons that Wajima City became so famous is because of a Japanese drama that aired in the morning called "Mare".

Wakura Onsen

There is a legend according to which the solitary white heron discovered the underwater hot springs 1,200 years ago. A fisherman and his wife found out when an injured white heron attempted to heal the wound by soaking its leg in the gushing hot water. Few hundred years later is 1611, it became so well known when the Lord of Kaga domain called the onsen, “Hot Spring of Healing” and created a wave of courtiers and wealthy merchants, painters and haiku poets from other regions.


Temples and Shrines are worth visiting to admire the beauty of the craftsmanship of the traditional architecture. Keita Taisha Shrine is a popular shrine dedicated to the deity of love and Myojoji Temple is a five-storied pagoda temple. Tokikuni residences are large, old residences that are open to the public. Chirihama beach is open to private vehicles.


Kagaya Ryokan

Kagaya was established in 1906 and has been ranked the no.1 ryokan overall for 36 consecutive years. The Ryokans are Japanese-style inns known for their amazing hospitality and for having hot springs for their guests to enjoy. On top of that, Kagaya is a museum of traditional art pieces and a theatre that plays Japanese style opera.

Tadaya Ryokan

Tadaya ryokan is a popular inn that is recommended for a short getaway. The architecture and interior are specially designed with large windows from which you can see the beautiful sunsets and sunrises from inside. From outside, you can see wooden bridges. Other than that, you check out the gallery, karaoke room, and banquet hall for meetings too.


It is accessible by bullet train (Shinkasen) from the JR Tokyo station to JR Kanazawa Station from which you transit to the JR limited express Noto Kagaribi. Total trip is approximately 3 and half hours. This is a good way to go if you have the JR Pass. You can also get there by plane or bus.

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