Updated: November 06, 2018
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Meguro Sky Garden: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of the City!

Meguro is renowned for being a beautiful sakura viewing spot along its famous canal. However, did you know that there's another amazing place to view nature? The place is called the Meguro Sky Garden. It's a linear, loop-shaped roof garden on top of highway intersection. A must-see spot if you during your next stroll in the area!

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Meguro Sky Garden

People interested in urban design will love this area. The garden opened in 2013 and was praised for its ingenious addition of public space and for adding some green space in the downtown core of Tokyo. It won the Good Design Award in 2013 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
The park has an area of 7000 square meters. It's located only one station away from Shibuya, at a 3-minute walk from the Ikejiri Ohashi Station. The entrance is free.
Although it's located on top of a highway, you virtually hear no sound from the traffic. It's the perfect spot to escape the bustle of the city for a while.
Going into the park is like entering a secret garden.
The park is divided into different sections. You can enjoy a relaxing Japanese-style garden setting in the chill-out section shown above.
Walking through the park you'll get amazing views of Tokyo! On a clear day, you can even see mount Fuji.
The Meguro Sky Garden has beautiful sunsets and night views of the city. It's definitely worth going in the evening too. Be aware that it closes at 9 pm, however.
A fun thing to do is to have a picnic in the park with friends on a nice day!


Hope you'll enjoy this beautiful park. Make sure to bring your camera when you visit! And once your stroll is over, you might want to try out the tasty ramen joints of the area.
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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