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Yoroniku - One Of The Best Yakiniku In Tokyo! See The Menu


For all meat lovers, there is a very popular restaurant you need to go to in Omotesando, Tokyo. That is "Yoroniku", which is well known for the quality of the meat dishes, including a popular Japanese dish called "yakiniku" (Japanese style BBQ). Here is a guide to read before you make a visit.

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Yoroniku (よろにく)

Yoroniku is a popular yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant where all meat lovers from all over the country and also even from abroad converge. It is located in the basement of a building in Omotesando, Tokyo.

It has a very calm, classy atmosphere which is suitable for a special dinner in good company. You can experience the pinnacle in terms of meat quality in the heart of Tokyo.


10 minutes walk from the B1 exit of Omotesando station.


Yoroniku offers a great variety of high-quality meat. They also have two courses, one is 7500 yen and the other is 9500 yen, both are highly recommended as you can try their selected yakiniku course.

Here are some examples of dishes served in the 7500 yen course.


Namuru salads are seasoned vegetables. The most common kind in Japan are bean sprouts (the one in the middle) but here you get three kinds.
Kimchi (spicy fermented Chinese cabbage and other vegetables) is an essential side dish when you dine at any yakiniku restaurant. You can eat them topped on your grilled meat slices or just on there own. Three kinds of kimchi come with this course.
Broiled "ichibo" (a rare part of thigh meat which is marbled)
If you go for the course, they will first bring several healthy vegetable dishes and cold meat dishes as appetizers. All of them have sophisticated flavors.


You get served different cuts on the same plate. See the marbling and the thickness of each piece. As a general rule, the more marbling a piece has, the less it should be cooked in order to retain the fat from dripping. The fat contains a lot of the sweet and savoury umami quality Japanese beef is renowned for.
Then, Yoroniku serves you a wide variety of wagyu (Japanese beef) such as tongue (a favorite for many Japanese), loin, short rib. The staff cooks your meat on the table so they are grilled perfectly. As just said, yakiniku meat can be a bit tricky to get just right! If you go to a cheap yakiniku restaurant, you will more than likely have to cook it yourself.

The meat is just amazing at Yoroniku. Just a bite, and the flavor of the meat will overwhelm your senses.

"Silk loin" with a rice ball

You get served a small rice ball to make something that resembles a meat nigirizushi.
One of their signature menu items is this intensively marbled rare meat called "Silk loin". You eat it with the small rice ball after grilling it and dipping in the sauce. It tastes heavenly.


Somen (Japanese thin noodles) are what is called in Japanese the "shime" dish. Shime can be roughly translated as "to end". In Japan, it is common to end a course meal with different kinds of "shime" noodle dishes.


There's no better way to end a yakiniku feast with some light ice cream! This was the day's dessert when we went.


These are just some dishes of one of their courses, they have a nice variety of other delicious yakiniku items and courses that you can try. I guarantee if you go, it would be one of the best meat experience you've ever had. It is highly recommended to make a reservation as they are very popular.
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