Updated: February 08, 2019
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Ultimate List Of Japanese Energy Booster Drinks!

Health drinks or energy drinks are widely used in Japan. You see them in commercials everywhere you go! Feeling tired and losing energy, but confused by the Japanese words written in the packaging of energy drinks? Here is simple information on what to get for an energy boost!

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Health Drinks

Too much of energy burned out doing sports, at school, or at work? Then, you might want to reach out for energy drinks like Monster or red bull for an energy boost. The good news here is you will be able to find energy drinks outside of drug stores and get them on campus, convenient stores and even at the vending machines nearby. Japan has its own makers of energy booster drinks and they appear in various forms such as liquid and jelly types. Also, other brands that are more common here than they are in their home country. Shocking enough for me to notice this when I just arrived in Japan.

Canned Energy Drinks

XS Energy Drink | XS エナジードリンク

XS energy drink is a product made by XS in California and then became a joint company with Amway Japan. Their energy drinks are sugar-free and come in different flavors for various purposes. The fruity tastes of the different flavors will allow the non-energy drink fans to be able to enjoy them. You can buy them directly from a store or online through Amway Japan.

Burn Energy Drink | バーン エナジードリンク

Burn energy drinks are much more popular than Monster energy drinks in Japan. Burn energy drink is a product from Coca-Cola Japan. The taste may be similar, but the size of the can is smaller than Monster and easier to carry around. There are 5 flavors available that are Original, Zero, Passion Punch, Lemon Ice, and Apple Kiwi.

Bottle Energy Drinks

Oronamin C | オロナミンC

Oronamin C by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company in Japan is a carbonated energy drink. It has been a long time best seller since February of 1965. The glass bottle has the features of old-fashioned Coke or Fanta bottles. Also, the citrus candy-like taste makes it even more like the old-fashioned glass bottle carbonated drinks. It is popular in Japan, especially among pregnant women who drink it at the end stage of pregnancy.

Ribovitan-D | リポビタンD

Lipovitan D by Taisho Pharmaceutical Company in Japan. You might have seen it in some other countries outside of Japan. It is famous for its petite size of 100 ml with a bright yellow colour. It is sweet and leaves a medicine aftertaste. You are allowed to drink only 1 bottle once a day regardless how old you are. If you are a Dragonball fan, you might like to get this collection while it is still in stores.

Bottle Health Drinks

Pocari Sweat | ポカリスエット

Pocari Sweat is also from Otsuka Pharmaceutical. It is so popular in Japan and other regions in Southeast Asia. It tastes very much like 100 Plus by F&N and is non-carbonated. Pocari Sweat is often seen as a sports drink and heavily used during the hot summer in Japan. It also has Pocari Sweat ION Water that acts as an ion supply in drinking water that is not overly sweet.

Vitamin Water | ビタミンウォーター

Vitamin Water by the well-known Japanese Whisky manufacturer, Suntory Holdings. The drink is often used for recovering after staying up late at night for studying or for work. Vitamin water is rich in vitamin B complexes and vitamin C that is good for energy regeneration.

Jelly Health Drinks

Weider in Jelly | ウィダーインゼリー

Jelly packages are often seen in drugstores or in supermarkets. Weider in Jelly series is manufactured by Morinaga&Co. known for snacks and pancake mixes. It offers 5 types of jelly drinks that are: Energy, Vitamin, Mineral, Protein, and Energy Gold. Each of the drinks serves its own purpose and the Japanese often consume them as a meal replacement or as a supplement after doing physical activities.

Amino Vital Perfect Energy | アミノバイタル パーフェクトエネルギー

Amino Vital Perfect Energy by Ajinomoto Co. Inc. (a company well-known for food seasonings m) is recommended for consumption right before doing sports. It has 5000 mg of amino acids in a package. Amino Vital will boost the performance to a higher level and give great results after consuming. Because it is in jelly-formed, it does not consist of any fats in it.
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