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The Ultimate Guide To Cafes Around Shinjuku!


There are over than 8,500 restaurants in Shinjuku, so I think it is safe to say you can be overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Shinjuku is an awesome shopping area, but sometimes it's nice to take a break at a nice cafe before continuing on your shopping mission. Please check out the cafes below for the best cafe suggestions in Shinjuku.

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Blue Bottle Cafe

Blue Bottle Coffee is a coffee chain shop that originated in Oakland, California.
They have branches all over Tokyo, this one is located in Shinjuku at the South exit of the station.
Every cup of coffee is brewed for every customer in front of their eyes. So it takes longer, but tastes much better and is more flavorful.
The regular drip coffee is 450 yen. They also offer some espresso type coffee, like cafe latte (520 yen).

Cafe de Bore

This cafe is right across from Shinjuku's East exit. You can come here and unwind a little, while looking at Shinjuku's bustling streets through the window.
Their sweets are particularly good, but they also have light meals such as pasta and curry rice.
The fruit tarts are great, and a coffee set is about 1,200 yen.

Canal Cafe

Canal Cafe is a famous waterside restaurant-cafe located in Iidabashi in central Tokyo. The place is particularly renown for having a large deck area that serves as a terrace along the canal next to the Iidabashi Station. This is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing meal outdoors in Tokyo.
They are famous for the fire oven baked pizzas, but they also have delicious coffee and desserts!
There are a variety of desserts available. You can order NY cheesecakes, muffins and more from 260 yen. Drink sets are available from 600 yen.

L'Occitane Cafe

L'Occitane is a French cafe in Tokyo, which serves beautiful French cuisine with an air of Provence. L'Occitane in Shinjuku has a store on the first floor, and on the second and the third floor, there is the cafe.
At this branch, they serve savory galettes!
You can also get a dessert set. It is almost a crime to visit this cafe without trying the creme brulee, but if you can't decide which dessert to get, you can also get a beautiful cake assortment!

Squall Cafe

This cafe is part of Pasela, an upscale karaoke place in Shinjuku. The restaurant specializes in honey toast, which basically is a loaf of bread which the inside is cut into little cubes, caramelized, then packed back inside and topped usually with ice cream, fruits, and of course honey.
Honey toasts are huge so it's best to share, they're about 1,000 yen each and comes in ton of different flavors. For example soft tiramisu, chocolate banana, caramel, etc.

Cafe La Mille

Cafe La Mille is an elegant "kissaten" (a Japanese style cafe) with a refined interior. It resembles more a bar than a cafe and is a nice place to have coffee served in beautiful tableware. It is a nice place for a date or a business meeting because of it's refined interior.
Cake sets (cake + coffee) are a little over 1,000 yen.

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee is a cafe where they serve hand-drip coffee with its original desserts and dishes. This place is also a "kissaten" style cafe where you can have hand drip coffee in an elegant yet comfortable setting. There are leather sofas and dark wooden decorations.

Their "Souffle Pancake" is probably the most popular menu at Hoshino Coffee. You can make it double or single slice, and its fluffiness is what makes everyone want to come back and eat them again.

Artnia Cafe

In a completely different genre, this cafe is a video game lover's dream come true. They have fun game inspired drinks, such as high potions (mint, lime and ginger ale) and elixirs (a plant-based high ball).
They also serve pancakes, parfaits, and light meals.
How about coming for an afternoon tea set (3,000 yen) and comes with sandwiches, different types of dessert, coffee, etc.

Christon Cafe

Also in the theme cafe genre, this cafe is worth the visit! Christon Cafe is a Church-themed resto in Shinjuku and is all kinds of impressive! You can come in for lunch, dinner, or have an awesome dessert! This place is particularly popular for female gatherings.

Times Cafe

This place is more of a working space, but it's also a really nice place to unwind with a book as they have a library on the premises.
The system is quite nice, it's 390 yen for 30 minutes, 990 yen for 2 hours, and a 10 minute extension is 100 yen. And that includes an all-you-can-drink plan!! Quite a nice deal I'd say!

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