Updated: November 06, 2018
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Fulfill your Chocolate Cravings at BONNEL HOUSE in Nakameguro, Tokyo!

When chocolate meets meat, fireworks are created! There is a newly opened bistro in Nakameguro that serves cacao dishes that can be paired wonderfully well with wine. The atmosphere is perfect for hanging out with friends or going out on a date.

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BONNEL HOUSE is a recently opened bistro that serves chocolate-based dishes that pair well with wine. The idea comes from their best seller Chocolate Hot Stick. The concept then expanded to use high-quality cocoa, known as a superfood because it contains lots of nutrients such as fibers, polyphenol, calcium, iron, and zinc. The sweetness of the chocolate made of that cocoa is less than the house special Chocolate Hot Stick.
You will be able to see this when you reach the second floor walking up through the staircase. It may be confusing a little, but you will not miss it.
You'll receive a warm welcome by the owner and should notice the fragrant smell of freshly brewed coffee. The glass shelf full of the signature Chocolate Hot Stick attracts attention from the outside.


There are counter seats by the bar and by the glass window. The seats by the glass window provide the best view when the season changes. BONNEL HOUSE's owner mentioned that become hot spots during the spring season when the sakuras (cherry blossoms) are blooming. The bistro also has table seats which are good for groups of people.
There are many types of liqueur and wine to choose from to pair with the dishes. You can talk with the staff while enjoying the alcohol that you have chosen.
These are the seats you have to grab during sakura season! It's is also a great spot for taking selfies with the riverbank nearby and also with the street below. The environment somewhat gives out a cozy feeling with a hint of vintage-like atmosphere.
Fresh flowers are placed at each and every table which brings out a calming atmosphere. It makes the whole resto seem as if you've stepped into a garden.



I went there during the afternoon and ordered lunch set C, which is the Chef's Special. Lunch sets consist of an appetizer, a main course, a piece of bread, a small dessert, and a drink. The Chef's Special lunch set serves the main dish that changes from day to day with the freshest ingredients that can be obtained. The appetizer that I had was a ratatouille, a French country-style pate on top of the locally-grown green salad, a carrot salad, marinaded red cabbages, a liver mousse, and a small pumpkin soup. The vegetables are fresh from Miura's farm, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture known for its excellent environment for farming. You may notice also some small chocolate cuts on the side with flower petals on top!

Main Dish

The Chef's Special of the day was roasted pork shoulder with chocolate sauce. The roasted pork shoulder is very chewy inside and crispy outside. Dipping the pork shoulder into the chocolate sauce will enhance the flavor and create the best match. If you are not a gravy lover, you can also dip the chocolate chunks with salt for a different experience.


After the meal, the hall staff will bring you the beautiful dessert of the day. The deep flavor of the pumpkin cake with a rich chocolaty sauce wrapped up the whole lunch perfectly.

Chocolate Hot Sticks

The signature Chocolate Hot Stick are aligned according to their flavors in the glass shelf. Isn't it therapeutic to see them so neatly placed? The most popular flavor is the Rich Milk Chocolate which is priced at 550 yen. For alcohol lover, Brandy & Rum Chocolate Hot Sticks are available for the price of 750 yen.


Check It Out..

If you happen to pass by Jujo, you can visit the main branch, Bonnel Cafe.
Coffee addict. Often hangs around with friends and family for great foods, desserts and cafes.

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