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Oedo Ayatori: Enjoy Exquisite Japanese Cuisine in an Sleek and Modern Decor in Shinjuku, Tokyo! [PR]

Oedo Ayatori is one restaurant you should most definitely dine at to experience the quintessence of Japanese cuisine! Opened on the 26th of September, the place has it all. The service is exceptionally good, the atmosphere is modern, yet very Japanese and the food is simply out of this world, both for the taste and presentation!

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Oedo Ayatori

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Oedo Ayatori is located in the heart of the Kabukicho entertainment district. It takes about a 5-minute walk to get there from the JR Shinjuku Station's East Exit. It's on the 6th floor of the building shown in the above picture (ViTO is on the first floor).
*There is a fee for making a reservation, it depends on the restaurant class (average dinner price) (no matter the size of the group).
However, if you do not need language support, you can contact the restaurant directly without any fees.

The Ambience

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Walking in, you'll surely be struck be how gorgeous the restaurant is! There is a huge open kitchen at the very center of the restaurant where you can see the chefs at work. Fresh fruits and vegetables decorate the counter space.
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Sitting at the one of the many counter seats surrounding the kitchen is an interesting experience in itself. Your orders may be served directly to your seat by the chef extending a paddle-shaped pole.
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Table seats are equally as nice! There's a beautiful paper Japanese sliding screen covering an entire wall and aesthetically crafted wooden lamps that create a warm atmosphere. The music playing is extremely nice too! You here notes from traditional musical instruments mixed in with more modern beats. What's so nice about the atmosphere and decor is that it retains a strong traditional Japanese essence in spite of being really sleek and modern.


You can order a la carte but we really recommend the kaiseki courses! Kaiseki is a type of sophisticated Japanese cuisine brought in many services. You have a choice of three types of kaiseki courses ranging in price from 3,800 to 5,500 yen.
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We first received a simple soupe with a delicious broth while sipping on our first drink and then this amazing platter made to resemble a Japanese traditional rock garden! It came with two baked potatoes on a bed of salt and small cubes of butter in a golden shell.
Retina pa030071  1
Then came this small salad of seasonal vegetables and edible flowers. The presentation of every dish was just sublime.
Retina pa030075  1
This is the jewel in the crown of this kaiseki course! After a few nice appetizers came this amazing platter ornamented with seasonal references and artwork in which Japanese delicacies such as sashimi pieces, and rare chicken were carefully placed.
Retina pa030079  1    edited
Delicious salmon roe were placed in some the peel of an artfully cut citrus fruit peel.
Retina pa030083  1
The houses and kabuki masks were all hiding their own bite-size delicacy.
Retina pa030087  2
Here we see an uni (sea urchin) topped on a squid sashimi. This piece was particularly delightful. The uni, in case you haven't tried it, is very soft and oily type of sashimi. Many Japanese adore it.
Retina pa030041  1
While you eat, you can enjoy Japanese sake from the house's fine selection. There are tasting sets of four different sakes that are quite worth the order.
Retina pa030072  2    edited
After the gorgeous platter of seafood, we were served a set of five skewers of grilled meat and vegetables. This is called robatayaki. The skewers are grilled right in front of the customers!
Retina chicken kushi
The meat was excellent. The restaurant uses a special breed of chicken that is known for its superior quality. It was served on this sort of traditional wooden Japanese stool.
Retina pa030102   edited
We also received some really tasty skewered green vegetables.
Retina pa030177   edited
And this savoury pudding-textured dish with a rich dashi (Japanese fish stock) taste.
Retina oyakodon
Finally, the meal ended with the best oyakodon I've ever ever eaten. Oyakodon is a dish of eggs, chicken and onions cooked with Japanese traditional condiments and placed on a bed of rice. As a last dish, you can also choose to have a bowl of ramen. You surely won't be hungry after a kaiseki course!


All the course services are delivered to you at just the right interval. The staff was very polite and kind. Oedo Ayatori is really a must-go restaurant to enjoy more than just good food, but a great Japanese cultural experience!
*There is a fee for making reservation, it depends on the restaurant class (average dinner price) (no matter the size of the group).
However, if you do not need language support, you can contact the restaurant directly without any fees.
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