Updated: November 07, 2018
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Kawaii Monster Cafe In Harajuku Is All Kinds Of Cute!


Kawaii Monster Cafe is a colorful cafe in Harajuku that will have any kawaii lover go crazy. It's a cute and fun concept by day, and a burlesque concept by night.

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Monster Cafe

The concept of this resto is to pay homage to Harajuku, Tokyo's unique and crazy fashion.
Harajuku is a town with eccentric fashion that integrates the world's newest trends as they come along. So this continual integration of culture is embodied as a monster that swallows everything in its path, hence the "kawaii monster" theme.

You are greeted by the monster girls as you walk in and you will be accompanied to one of the four unique sections of the resto.

There is a 500 yen cover charge, however, it is free if you have a pass.
If you love kawaii Harajuku fashion, this place is no doubt heaven on earth.

For lunch, you can enjoy a colorful eating experience where your senses will be overwhelmed.

For dinner, you can enjoy an adult dinner where you can watch a show while eating in the funky decor.


You'll be greeted by these super funky monster girls.


This is the "Colorful Poison Parfait" and it's 2,300 yen. It's jampacked with ice cream, whipped cream, a roll cake, fruits, etc.

Their menu is so cute you just might roll over and die!
This dish is called the "Melty Pancake" and it's 1,500 yen.

I can't get over how adorable these pancakes are. As a pancake lover, this is very exciting for me!!
The "Colorful Poison Cake" is perfect for celebrating a birthday among friends.
A whole cake is 2,800 yen, 1/2 size is 1,500 yen, 1/4 size is 850 yen.

There's all the kawaii food you could ever dream of.
Their sweets are, as you would expect of this place, an explosion of color. But so are their savory dishes. The pasta is brighter than a rainbow, you simply have to try it for yourself.


At night, this place transforms into a kind of burlesque show, or more like an entertainment resto. This place offers "a new way to play at night", where you can enjoy a show while eating. It is called an "adult play event".


The food will be presented to you in accordance to the show presented to you. So with each meal, there is a short show and then you can enjoy the food that is paired with the theme of the show. Did that pique your curiosity? It should, it's so entertaining!
They have special combos, for 2-3 people, or up to 5-8 people. The price varies from 4,400 to 9,500 yen, depending on the quantity.
You can also get this super cute and colourful burger you should try.

Thursday Burlesque Night

On Thursday nights, there is a burlesque show by sexy dancers from 8 PM every week.

It is 2,000 yen to get in between 8PM-12AM (with 1 drink)
Or all you can drink plan + ¥1,500 / VIP BOX PLAN ¥5,500
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I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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