Updated: April 15, 2019
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5 Selected, Must-Try Izakayas in Asakusa!

You've had a fun day of sightseeing in Asakusa but now you're wondering where to find a good place to have a few drinks while eating some simple, reasonably priced yet delicious Japanese cuisine? You should probably head for an izakaya tavern! Asakusa has a good many choices of good izakayas. Here's a guide of some of the best places!

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At about a 2-minute walk from the Asakusa Station, you can find this little izakaya with only 10 seats. The tavern is super well-regarded by the locals and the tourist who have the chance to eat and drink there! Their claim to fame is their cheap, yet so flavorful, beef hodgepodge topped with a thick slice of soft tofu. This dish is pretty filling and only costs 500 yen! You can order different kinds of pickles to accompany your cold beer or hoppy (a kind of cheap beer imitation made from Japanese shochu). What's more, the place even has an outside terrace area. Shochan is a fun place to have drinks and eat that's easy on the wallet.

Sake no Daimasu

Sake no Daimasu is for Japanese sake lovers. It's located near the Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station. The place has about an equal share of counter seats and tables. It has a very large selection of sakes. If you want to acquire a taste for sake, it's a good idea to try different kinds. Sake differs in sweetness levels so ask to try different kinds. The food menu offers mainly small dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine such as sashimi plates, pickled vegetables and miso stewed meat and vegetables. It's not really the place to eat a large meal however, it's more geared towards those who want to munch while tasting delicious sake. Sake tasting sets are also available.


This is a deeper side of Asakusa. At the old establishment of Hogeisen, which has an atmosphere of the Showa era, you can try out whale meat delicacies in the form of sashimi or deep-fried karaage bites. Nostalgic old folks come here to eat whale meat, a type of food that isn't very popular in Japan anymore. You can also have yakisoba (fried soba noodles) and stews at a very reasonable price. The drinks are about 500 yen each.


At Mizuguchi, located near the JR Asakusa Station, you can have tasty dishes of almost every Japanese soul foods imaginable: grilled fish, stir-fries, deep-fried breaded fish and kurokke (deep fried potatoes and ground meat), and sashimi just to name a few. What's great is that the prices are reasonable too. Most dishes and set meals (you get a bowl of rice, miso soup and other side dishes) are under 1,000 yen. There is even an "enkai" (banquet) set for four in which you get all kinds of seasonal dishes, original creations and sashimi for just 6,000 yen! Alcoholic drinks are on the cheap side too.


Suzuyoshi is a pretty large izakaya of about 100 seats. It is the type rowdy tavern with outdoor seats that we all love to go to for a feel of a chaotic, back-alley style environment. Suzuyoshi is one of the most popular establishments among a series of izakayas on the same street. It specializes in yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers) and grilled pork. You can also have tasty nimono (stews) and a good selection of sake and the place is particularly fussy about their shochu (Japanese spirits). Prices are cheap. You probably won't have to pay over 3,000 yen per person for a fun evening.


Hope this guide will be of use to you next time you head to Asakusa! If you're wondering what the area has to offer, check out the guide below.

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