Updated: February 08, 2019
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The Low Down On Where To Get The Best Breakfast In Okinawa!


Here are the best places to have breakfast in Okinawa! You can have awesome pancakes, smoothies, and even breakfast burritos! Fuel up on delicious food and you'll be ready to hit the waves!

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The Rose Garden

Visiting Okinawa, you'll feel like you're in a Japanese-style Hawaii, so if you're like me, you'll probably want to eat pancakes. Well, then you're at the right place for that! At The Rose Garden, you'll feel like you're stepping into a Mom&Pop kind of place. They serve great breakfast, such as pancakes of course, eggs Benedict, waffles, etc. A waffle or pancake set is around 1,200 yen. You can also get steak for about 1,300 yen.


C&C Breakfast is a small and cute restaurant that serves acai bowls, pancakes, omelets, etc.
I highly suggest the souffle pancake. It's souffle style pancakes, so the pancakes are light and fluffy as can be. And they come with fresh fruits and lilikoi (passionfruit) butter. Yummmm

Seaside Cafe Hanon

Hanon in Japanese means the sound of the waves. At Hanon, you can sit at the terrace and watch the ocean while hearing the waves crash onto the shore, what a peaceful experience!
The motto of this resto is "Okinawa meets Hawaii" so they serve all sorts of Hawaiian inspired dishes, pancakes being their specialty! As a die-hard fan of pancakes and of salted caramel, my heart skipped a beat when I saw "salted caramel pancake" on the menu and it didn't disappoint! The pancakes were fluffy and the caramel was just right. Am I in pancake heaven?

Jakkepoes Pancake House

As you have probably inferred by the name, this resto specializes in pancakes. In fact, they are the first cafe to specialize in pancakes in Okinawa.
They have sweet and also savory pancakes, but also unusual pancakes, such as the chili bean pancake, and the meatball pancake.
I went for a classic, the egg& meat one, you get three pancakes, with a side of eggs and sausage, bacon or spam. Perfect way to start the day!

Coffee Casa

This super cute cafe is open from 7:00, which is great if you're an early bird and are looking for a place to fuel up on delicious coffee and breakfast. They have great smoothies and french toast, the pancakes are great too!

Kaiholo Cafe

Breakfast for under 1,000 yen? Yes, and it's hella good too! How about a breakfast plate for 700 yen!! It comes with pancakes or toast.
Also, it's pet-friendly, so if you happen to be traveling with your pet, it's A-OK!
Delicious and cheap, now that hits the sweet spot!

Roll Up Burrito

Breakfast burrito anyone? If you want a savory and tasty breakfast first thing in the morning, you should head to Rollup Burrito. You can have hash browns, a veggie or chicken burrito and coffee. Bam! You're ready to start the day fueled up and ready to go!

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