Updated: November 13, 2018
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Canned Coffee Vending Machine in Japan: the Ultimate Guide!

Vending machines are everywhere in Japan. It is hard to keep an eye away from them and to resist the temptation of pressing on buttons to get something. Canned coffees are handy and come in 185ml formats with prices ranging from 90-130 yen.

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Japanese Canned Coffee

Hocus Pocus! A coffee is needed to focus! It is hard to imagine a day without coffee for work and school. You can get affordable coffee from vending machines to start your day stress-free.

BOSS' Pride of BOSS 25th Anniversary

BOSS by Suntory is a can full of fragrant, strong milky coffee with a mild sweetness that is enough to stay awake for the rest of the day. Pride of BOSS uses the blend from BAU farm in Brazil. Be the BOSS and celebrate 25th Anniversary with Suntory.


UCC launched the world's first canned milk coffee in 1969. Both milk coffee and black coffee are the popular items. As for the black coffee, it is sugarless and loved by the locals.


WONDA by Asahi has added a strong coffee to its lineup recently. WONDA Kiwami has milk and sugar to its strong coffee blend. The result is a strong coffee with a smooth taste at the same time. It is supervised by Marufuku Coffee House that was established over 80 years ago. A can full of passion at a reasonable price.

GEORGIA Espresso Blend Gift

Newly released by Georgia is the double blend espresso with dark roasted coffee with cream from Hokkaido. It has a slight bitterness and sweetness. It makes a good coffee as a gift for a coffee aficionado. Check out the Roaster's Coffee if you have a preference for strong coffees.


DyDo has recently released a new series of 4 types of coffee (34% less sugar version, 40% less sugar version, regular, and black) with 1.5 times more coffee beans blended than its previous coffee. The popular item is the one with a 34% sugar cut (the blue can). It is a smooth can of coffee that has a strong coffee taste. DyDo canned coffee can be too sweet for people who drink a lot of coffee and prefer stronger tastes.


Coffee Plus by Coca-cola is a newly released drink. It is a mixed of coke and coffee in a can with 1.5 times extra caffeine and 50% less calories. Coffee Plus is only available in vending machines for 130 yen and the size is 190ml. It brings a weird sensation where the initial taste is coke and the aftertaste is coffee. You get the best of both worlds!
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