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Hoo Bar - Shinjuku, Tokyo : Try The Delicious Local Cuisine "Hooba Yaki"! [PR]

Do you know a Japanese local cuisine "Hooba Yaki", which originated in Gifu Prefecture? It is a unique style of grilled dishes where ingredients are wrapped in the leaf called "Hooba". "Hoo Bar" is a bar offering this local specialty with a nice selection of wines in Shinjuku.

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Hoo Bar (ホオバール)

Hoo Bar is a casual bar located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is an unique bar in terms of their signature menu items called "Hooba yaki", which you can rarely eat in Tokyo. It's a 5-minute walk from Nishi-Shinjuku station.

What is Hooba yaki?

Hooba yaki is a local cuisine of Gifu Prefecture. It is a style of cooking where ingredients, from vegetables to meat, are wrapped in the large "Hooba (called Japanese bigleaf magnolia in English)" leaves and then grilled.

Hooba yaki style lamb chops

1 for 550 yen / 1 for 500 yen if you order more than 4 pieces

The spring lamb chops are grilled in the Hooba leaves, which makes them tender.

Red onion steamed in Hooba

550 yen

A whole red onion is wrapped in the leaf with miso and sansho (Japanese citrusy pepper) and steamed. The natural sweetness of the onion is enhanced which goes well with the salty and citrusy flavors of the seasonings.

Egg plant grilled in Hooba

500 yen

They use the highest quality of egg plant from Miyazaki Prefecture. It is such sweet and juicy, and melts in your mouth.

Spaghetti Bolognese

1250 yen

They also have delicious pasta dishes.

Liver paste

400 yen

The rich liver paste and blueberry compote with baguette. It goes well with wine.

Special course menu

4500 yen

They also offer a course menu which includes 9 dishes from tapas and pasta to dessert. It would be suitable for special occasions like birthdays.


You can enjoy a nice selection of wines from all over the world. Choose one which matches your dishes!


You can enjoy an unique and tasty local cuisine while relaxing with a glass of wine at Hoo Bar. When you find yourself in Tokyo, you should give it a try!
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