Updated: November 06, 2018
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7-Eleven Japan: 7 Very Interesting Snacks!

7-Eleven convenience stores are ubiquitous in Japan. Especially in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, a 7-Eleven "konbini" (Japanese name for convenience store) is always within a short walking distance of wherever you are. They can be quite fun to explore, as they offer a good variety of cheap snacks that can only be found in Japan. Here is more on 7-Eleven convenience stores.

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7-Eleven Japan

7-Eleven has been around in Japan since the 1970s. It's one of the main kombini chains. Every store is open 24h a day and 365 days a year. You have access to ATM machines and some locations have free Wifi internet. You can, of course, bye lots of snacks at very low prices, bento boxes, alcohols, cosmetics and soap, and many other products. They truly are convenient!

Snacks you can Buy at 7-Eleven Japan

Kombini snacks come in small bags that cost generally 100 to 200 yen. These snacks are the kind of food that Japanese people often eat as "tsumami" (snacks eaten while drinking). They tend to be on the salty, sour side, but some are sweet too.

Spicy Cod Roe and Cheese

These spicy cod roe and cheese crackers are surprisingly good! The cod roe's saltiness goes well with the cheese stuffed inside, and the spiciness adds another kick to the snack. If you aren't familiar with Japanese snacks, these would be a good introduction as they are not too far in terms of taste of cheese crackers.

Pickled Seaweed

If the only edible seaweed you know is the nori wrapping of maki sushi, then you might be quite surprised by these pickled seaweed stems. They taste salty and sour, and have a soft texture.

Karinto (Black Sugar Sweet Snack)

For those of you who like sweets, karinto sticks are a definite must-try. They're crunchy and very sweet by Japanese standards. You might expect a chocolate taste judging by the color but the sweetness comes from black sugar.

Atarime (Dried Squid)

Atarime may be an acquired taste for most foreigners. They are basically dried squid jerkies. They have a strong fishy smell and they have a really tough texture.

Almond and Sardine Mix

Dried sardines with almonds may be a strange combination for most people living outside of Japan, but this snack is very popular among Japanese people of all ages. Japanese parents give them as a snack to their children because the sardines and almonds are rich in calcium. A nice healthy snack that goes well with beer too.

Grilled Scallop Beards

These are made from scallops that are grilled and seasoned. They taste fishy and salty. Perhaps they go well too with beer or Japanese sake or other local alcohols. Older people tend to really love them.

Sweet Dried Plum

Dried sweet plums are a type of umeboshi (dried plum). They are very popular in Japan. If you've never had umeboshi, you'll be surprised by the sour taste! These plums are sweeter and less salty than most umeboshi so they might be a good introduction to the food.


7-Eleven also has many other cheap sandwiches, onigiri rice balls, ice cream and other sweets. Make sure to check them out when you're in Japan!
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