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YARUKI: A Must-Try Yakiniku And Wine Restaurant In The Heart Of Kyoto! [PR]

Kyoto City

YARUKI is the place to go in Kyoto if you want to eat yakiniku (grilled meat) and other delicate dishes and entrees of fine quality. The restaurant has a stylish atmosphere that retains the traditional flair of the Japanese yakiniku restaurant.

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Yakiniku And Wine Dining Experience At YARUKI

Yakiniku literally means "grilled meat". At YARUKI you are served raw ingredients such as bite-size slices of meat and vegetables that you grill yourself on a grill at your table. Once grilled, you dip your ingredients in a special sauce before eating them. If you haven't tried yakiniku yet, you'll surely find it to be an extremely fun and relaxing dining experience!
Not only can you taste carefully selected, superior quality Japanese beef known as "wagyu", but you can also have some great wine and other drinks that go really well with the courses. YARUKI has an in-house sommelier so the staff can recommend the best wine pairing for your orders.
YARUKI is located in Kyoto's Pontocho, one of the town's most atmospheric areas. It is within a short walking distance of the Sanjo Station, the Gion Yonjo Station and the Kawaracho Station. Pontocho looks and feels like a Japan of another time. In its crowded narrow streets, you'll find YARUKI, a yakiniku restaurant that combines modern and traditional in its design and courses!

All-You-Can-Eat And All-You-Can-Drink Course [¥5,000]

Want to have a real feast you'll remember? Then this course is what you should have. You get limitless orders of food and drinks for a 2-hour period. You can order different cuts of premium wagyu beef as well as salad, wakame soup, rice, ice cream and much more! A total of 15 items are on the all-you-can-eat menu.
As for the all-you-can drink menu, you can have beer, red or white wine and sparkling wine such as the one shown above. It spills over in a square cup! It's a traditional way of serving alcohol in Japan which conveys a sense of hospitality, what people call "omotenashi".

À La Carte Menu

There are many noteworthy items that are not part of the course mentioned above. Here are a few items you should most definitely try if you order à la carte.

Black Wagyu Karubi [¥1,580]

The Black Wagyu Karubi is a dish of boneless ribs made from Japanese Black beef of the finest quality. This dish is served raw and comes with a special tare sauce (soy-based sauce) which goes perfectly well with the exquisite meat. For the quality of meat you get, this is of great value for the price. A must-try item.

Kobe Beef Sirloin [¥12,000]

If you're seeking to try Japan's legendary Kobe Beef, YARUKI's got that covered too. The tenderness, oiliness and deep taste is something incomparable.

Uni (Sea Urchin) With Black Wagyu [¥1,950]

This dish is YARUKI's signature delicacy. It's a combination of delicious, fresh sea urchin and premium quality wagyu sashimi. The tender, rich meat and the uni's salty ocean taste with a custard-like texture make a surprisingly sublime combination.

Shrimp, Avocado, Soft-Boiled Egg Hiyashimen (Cold Noodles) [¥690]

This very popular dish is an original creation of YARUKI. Although hiyashimen (cold noodles) is a common side dish to have with yakiniku, YARUKI's dish is outstanding in the combination of toppings: avocado, shrimps and a soft-boiled egg to which is added a slightly spicy sauce, makes the perfect dish of hiyashimen.

Assortments Of Wagyu (Japanese Beef) Cuts Of Supreme Quality

Assortment Of 4 [¥18,000] Or 6 [¥26,000] Kinds Of Wagyu Cuts For Two People

For those seeking to try Japan's world-famous Wagyu, there are two recommended options. The platter of 6 kinds of cuts (pictured above) contains some legendary Kobe Beef and the best cuts imaginable of other Wagyu. The assortment of 4 contains cuts of the finest Black Japanese Beef.


YARUKI is an excellent place to go to enjoy a fun evening with friends, family or colleagues. In Japan, yakiniku restaurants tend to cater more towards a male clientele, but YARUKI's fashionable interior and original delicacies make it a popular yakiniku restaurant with women as well!
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