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"Ginza 300 Bar Next" For The Best Mojito in Tokyo! [PR]


Ginza 300 Bar Next is a really cool bar located in Ginza with super cheap and delicious drinks! The mojito is said to be one of the best in Tokyo, and it's only 300 yen! Tokyo is known for being quite pricey, but when you find a gem like this one, which serves good drinks at a more than reasonable price, you know you're lucky!

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Ginza 300 Bar Next

Ginza 300 Bar Next is a beautiful, sleek and modern bar with a laid-back atmosphere.
What's really awesome about this bar is that they have a ticket system, and almost everything is only 300 yen (excluding tax)! It's been that way since their opening in 1992!
You can buy tickets at the entrance and you then exchange the tickets for drinks or food. If you buy 10 tickets at once you get one free. You don't have to use them all on the same night, and you can even use them at any of their other two locations in Ginza. Bar hopping at its finest!
This bar is very popular among locals and tourists alike, from office workers to people shopping in fancy Ginza and travelers on a budget, everybody is brought together for their love of delicious mojitos! And they're only 300 yen too (taxes excluded)!


Their mojitos often make the list of the best mojitos in Tokyo. And unlike most cocktails in Tokyo, they aren't super pricey...actually far from it!
They even have a certificate from the Cuban embassy in Tokyo, testifying that they make mojitos in the traditional Cuban way!
The Garden Mojito (1 ticket)
Their mojitos are beautifully made with some domestically grown mint, some Cuban Havana Club rum, and some lime.
If you would like to try something a little different, you're in luck because there are so many types of mojitos to choose from (16 variations). Such as a mango mojito, a rose mojito, a cucumber mojito... you name it!

The New Japanese Drink Menu

They developed some new interesting Japanese cocktails, such as the Wahito, the Maccha Hi, and the Purple gin tonic (1 ticket each)
The wahito is a really nice twist on the mojito, as it is made with "wa" (Japanese) ingredients, such as yuzu umeshu and shiso leaves. It tastes a lot like a lemonade with a hint of Japanese flavors.
The Maccha Hi is made with shochu and matcha powder. Matcha is really high in polyphenols, so you're doing your body good (except for that hangover).

Food Menu

Although this bar is renown for its extensive list of cocktails and beers (over 150 cocktails and types of beer), they also serve great food to accompany your drink.
Garden salad. It is made with lettuce, radish, mizuna, mustard greens, etc. (1 ticket)
Their salad changes seasonally.
If you're looking for something light, the garden salad is super fresh and is made with homemade salt, fresh herbs and chemical-free vegetables. Yes please!
The Cuban Sandwich (1 ticket)
What better to go with your truly authentic mojito than a delicious Cuban sandwich!
It comes with pork, cheese, pickles and their home-made sauce. It's delicious and not too spicy so everyone can enjoy it!
The Tandori Chicken (in the background), The Hamburg with grated radish (on the left), and The Double Cheese Hamburg (on the right). (All 1 ticket each).
The menu changes seasonally. For example, the Hamburg has many variations and the chicken varies from the Jerk chicken to the tandoori chicken. Everything is seasoned with delicious herbs and is perfect bar food!


If you want to have an unforgettable evening among friends, or among new friends, this is the place to try. You'll have an amazing time without breaking the bank. So it's finally possible to have an amazing time in Tokyo without spending a fortune. You might even make it your go-to when you're in town!
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