Updated: November 15, 2018
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Best Ramen Shops You Should Try in Nara!

Nara City

Nara is one of the must-visit places in Japan, for its variety of attractions. You can visit and see the traditional temples and the great Buddha Statue, play with deer, and eat delicious food! If you feel like ramen, here is the list of popular ramen shops you need to try in Nara city and near Nara Station!

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Menya NOROMA is placed as No.1 Ramen shop in Nara Prefecture according to a Japan's famous restaurant review website. It is located in 15-minutes walk from Kyobate station or 25-minutes walk from Nara station.

Their specialty is "Tori soba" (950 yen) which consists of the creamy chicken paitan soup, freshly made noodles, and juicy pork belly cooked slowly and then pickled in a secret sauce for 2days. The soup is so rich in flavors yet has a light after-taste.


Baromuan (ばろむ庵) is known for the "double soup" which has been a popular type of ramen soup in Japan. Located 6-minutes walk from JR Nara station.

So what is "double soup"? It means the soup made from the mixture of seafood broth and chicken or pork broth. This ramen shop uses seafood and pork broth which is very flavorful. It also uses a soy sauce made in Nara, which adds even more flavors.


Mitsuba is another very popular ramen shop in Nara city where people often make a line before the shop opens. 4-minutes walk from Tomio station.

What makes people crave for their ramen is the unique soup and amazing pork slices. The white soup is made from pork broth and a bit foamed, which makes it more creamy. The noodles can also catch the soup well. The pork is very tender and juicy.

Ramen Harutomo-ryu

If you are a fan of miso ramen, this is the place to go. Located in 8-minutes walk away from Shin Omiya station.

This ramen shop is famous for the miso-flavored ramen. The saltiness and sweetness of miso are well balanced. Their noodles are flatter and have a perfect firmness which goes well with the soup and crispy bean sprouts.


Shabaton is a branch of a very famous ramen shop originated in Kyoto. 7-minutes walk from Nishi no Kyo station which is close to the famous temple called "Yakushiji".

They have wide variety of ramen from shoyu (soy sauce) to tonkotsu (pork broth). Every ramen has rich soup and a lot of toppings, so highly recommended if you are super hungry! You can enjoy the strong flavors of soup, chewy noodles, and various textures of toppings.


When you visit Nara for sightseeing, please keep in mind that they have such great ramen shops! Just give it a try one, or more of these ramen shops, and you won't regret!

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