Updated: April 17, 2018
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Tokyo Illuminations, 5 Spots You Must Visit!

As the weather starts to become colder and sunset becomes earlier, the season of illumination begins, heading towards Christmas and new year celebration. In this article you will get to know the most 5 popular illumination events being held in Tokyo from now on.

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"Ebisu Garden Place" perfect spot to go out for Christmas

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3minute walk from Ebisu station, our first recommendation is "Ebisu Garden Place". Walking through the tree-lined streets, you will get to see the big and wonderful Christmas tree with many beautiful ornaments.
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Date: November 3rd-January 8th, 16:00-24:00, every day.

"Marunouchi Illuminations" a champagne gold street illumination & 14 meters tall Christmas trees at "KITTE"

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Next, we focus on illuminations around Marunouchi, Otemachi, and Yurakucho areas. A minute walk from Tokyo station or Yurakuchou station, 1.2kilometer long Marunouchi center street will be illuminated with champagne gold lights and it even seems like as if you are walking through the lights.

Date: November 9th-February 18th, 17:30-23:00, every day.(During December 17:00-24:00)
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At "KITTE", a shopping mall near Tokyo station will have a 14 meter tall Christmas tree illumination. There will also be a light-up event with Christmas song every 30minutes.

Date: November 22nd-December 25th, 11:00-23:00, every day.

"Ao no Doukutsu Shibuya" illusion of the blue lights

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If you are tired of normal illuminations, "The Blue Cave Shibuya" will be your choice. Held at Yoyogi-Kouen street, the nearest station is either Shibuya or Yoyogi.First held in 2014, at Nakameguro, this illumination became very popular. Not just only the blue illuminations are elegant and beautiful, but you can also enjoy the foods and drinks around Yoyogi park.

Date: November 22nd-December 31th, 17:00-22:00, every day.

"Yomiuri Land Jewel Illuminations" an illumination event at amusement parks!

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Image from 2014.
10minutes by bus from Yomiuri-Land mae station. Presented by Motoko Ishii, a world-famous light designer, Japanese amusement park "Yomiuri Land" is having a glorious illumination using more than 500million lights.

You will also be overwhelmed by the water fountain projection shows this year.

Date: October 12th-December 18th,16:00-20:30, closes on November 1st, January 16th-18th,22nd-25th.

"Showa-Kinen Park" Not only the light-up, but the reflection

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Image from 2014.
"Showa-kinen Park" is a park located in Tachikawa ward, Tokyo. The nearest station is Nishi-Tachikawa. During the illumination, the park opens until 21:00. The theme of the illumination changes every year.

The illumination itself is really astonishing and beautiful, but to say more, the reflection from the water surface enhances the view.

Date: December 2nd-December25th,17:00-21:00,everyday.

Did you find any interesting?

We introduced you 5 illuminations held in Tokyo, that you cannot miss. Did you find any of them interesting? Some had already started, and some are very short dated. I hope you add some illumination events to your schedule.
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