Updated: November 19, 2019
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Daiwa Sushi. This Is Where You Should Eat Sushi in Tokyo.


No doubt the most famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market, Daiwa Sushi is at the top of its game. You need few words to describe this place. It's essentially sushi at its very core, both rustic and hard-hitting mouth-watering stuff. Come take your taste buds for a drive and cruise right in.

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Before we start - consider a Tsukiji Fish Market walking tour!

This is a really neat tour by Magical Trip because you get an insider's look of the market by having a local guide show you around. The tour includes delectable seafood from the stalls at the market and also an impressive donburi (bowl of rice with lots of sashimi toppings)! You'll also get to visit a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine in the area. Best of all, you'll learn a lot by interacting with your English-speaking friendly guide during the 3-hour tour.

See the link below for more information.

Tsukiji Fish Market Sushi

It's hard to describe great sushi to someone who has never been graced by its glory. That is, if you've never had real traditional Japanese sushi before, particularly in Tsukiji, you may be missing out on a real taste bud adventure.
Daiwa Sushi is an establishment that's been around for years and carved its old little piece of history and tradition in the laneways of the world's most famous fish market.
Over the years tourists from overseas and other parts of Japan make the pilgrimage to Tsukiji Fish Market to feast their eyes and mouths on some of the best you will ever eat in your life. It's more than necessary to get up before the sun comes up here.

Most of the action happens way before the trains start running and the general population rises in the morning. Set your alarm, get up early and grab a taxi to the market; or if you want to do it the die-hard way, stay up most the night, crash at a manga cafe near the market and get a few zees until early morning.
Daiwa Sushi opens for business at 5:30 am, and serves sushi until about 1:30 pm. Why so early you think? The fish is auctioned off in the morning and is at its freshest from early on. If you really want to experience some true Japanese culture, you need to try sushi for breakfast.
Another reason to rise with the sparrows in the wee hours of the morning is to ensure you're not waiting hours in the queue to get into Daiwa Sushi. Even from six in the morning, you'll experience a bit of a crowd and perhaps a 30-minute wait outside. After this time, expect to wait even longer. Take that as motivation to get up early ;)
When coming to ordering here, go with an "omakase" (leave it up to the chefs), or the 3500 yen seven-piece nigiri and maki sushi set. If you're Japanese is a bit rusty, you can always just point to the pictures to get the message across. The chefs here speak very little English, but make up for it with traditional Japanese hospitality and charm.
It goes without saying that the sushi here is more than amazing. The fatty and medium fatty tuna here is second to none. It'll make you wonder why you've been eating sushi train this whole time! They are also pretty generous with the wasabi here, which I love, and gives a bold fresh flavour to the sushi.

You may feel like the service and meal ends pretty quick, however, sushi is traditionally a quick, fast-food type of food from long ago in Japan - enjoy the experience and the food the traditional way.
Whether you're planning your first or twentieth trip to Japan, make Sushi Daiwa a must eat during your stay in Tokyo. It is truly one of the best places for die-hard foodies, or even the most novice sushi eaters. Not only will Daiwa Sushi provide you with a great Japanese dining experience, Tsukiji Fish Market will open your eyes up to the old tradition of fish-mongering and a little part of Japanese culture that is bringing amazing cuisine to the rest of the world.

Getting There

If you aren't one of the early risers, jump on the Oedo line to station Tsukijishijo and take exit A1. Daiwa Sushi is located in the inner part of Tsukiji Fish market in Block 6 building.

If you can, get there early.
I've been traveling and eating my way around the world! Now I'm in Tokyo to share all my favourite spots! I spend my time traveling, surfing, hiking, camping and eating amazing food! My favourite Japanese food...Agedashi Tofu!

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