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Nouvelle Ethnique ATHA - Ebisu, Tokyo : Have You Experienced French-Inspired Asian Food? [PR]

Nouvelle Ethnique ATHA is an Asian restaurant near Ebisu station in Tokyo. You can experience its unique "French-inspired" Asian dishes. Can you imagine what they are like? Here are the popular menu items you might be interested in!

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Nouvelle Ethnique ATHA

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Nouvelle Ethnique ATHA is a nice restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo. You can easily access it within a minute walk from Ebisu station. It serves "French-inspired" Asian dishes.

Popular Menu

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"Poo Pad Pong Curry" (1380 yen)

It is a kind of seafood curry commonly eaten in Thailand.
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They deep fry a whole crab after dipping in the batter. It is usually just simmered in a curry soup in Thailand.
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After being fried, the crab is cooked with the curry and eggs. The flavors of the crab and curry are well balanced, and you can enjoy the fluffy eggs too.
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Smoked salmon spring rolls (680 yen)

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado are wrapped in a chewy thin rice paper. You dip it in the citrusy olive oil dressing.
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Marinated seafood (1280 yen)

Mussels, octopus, and scallops are marinated with olive oil and topped with Korean green pepper and lime.
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Pho (1380 yen)

Their pho soup is made from a chicken broth. It comes with 5 kinds of toppings such as basil and coriander, and also 2 kinds of sauces which allow you to eat your pho exactly the way you want it to taste.

Course menu

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The course menu, which consists of seven dishes and dessert, is also recommended.


How about experiencing these sophisticated French-inspired Asian dishes that you have never had before? They are not authentic, but taste great!
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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