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Try Some Spicy Hot Ramen at "Tokyo Miyoshi" in Asakusa, Tokyo! [PR]

Tokyo Miyoshi is the only place where you can have this type of Hakata-Nagahama ramen. The dish is similar to a "tantanmen" (a Szechuan-style ramen dish with chili oil) and is served to you by an establishment managed by a chef with 39 years of experience. The special ramen is only available until the end of the year so don't miss this opportunity!

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Tokyo Miyoshi: A Long Standing Ramen Joint in the Heart of "Old Tokyo", Asakusa

Tokyo Miyoshi is located a 2-minute walk from the Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station. It specializes in the Hakata-Nagahama style of ramen. With a history of 39 years, they've developed different kinds of ramen with unique flavors through the years. The newest one in their lineup is the spicy hot tonkotsu (pork belly fat) ramen.

For a Limited Time, Try the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen!

"Kara Ramen" 900 yen
This ramen bowl is available for a limited time at the Miyoshi's Tokyo location only! It's called the Kara Ramen, wich simply translates to "hot and spicy ramen". The dish contains a soft boiled egg, white spring onions, bok-choy and a remarkably red broth. It's somewhat comparable to the Chinese spicy noodle dish called tantanmen.

■ Kara Ramen
Available from October 1st to December 31st, 2017
The Nagahama ramen you might know has a white and sweet broth, however the Nagahama Kara Ramen is the exact opposite: it's made from a punchy hot and spicy red soup stock.
There are 3 levels of spiciness. For those who aren't too keen on spicy foods, level 1 is recommended. For those who like it hot, then why not take the challenge of eating a level 3!

In either case, you'll enjoy an initial deep rich taste which comes with a spicy, tingling aftertaste. You may notice the slight sweetness of the Nagahama-style ramen at first, but this taste gets overtaken by the spiciness. It's an interesting succession of taste you may really like.
The noodles used are also different from the standard ramen served at Tokyo Miyoshi. Notice how thick they are!

This bowl of ramen is only available until the end of the year, so hurry to jump on the spicy ramen train before it's too late!

And of Course, There is the Standard "Nagahama Ramen"

"Ramen" 850 yen
This is the standard dish of the joint, so just order the "Ramen" and it's what you'll get. If you haven't tried it already, the traditional Nagahama ramen served at Tokyo Miyoshi is well worth it.

It contains some thick slices of chashu (pork belly fat), spring onions and spicy bamboo shoots in a white broth.
The broth is made by simmering a lavish amount of bones which creates a rich and deep natural flavor as a base. The soup is succulent and has an addictive light sweetness to it. It's the kind of ramen soup you'll want to drink to the last drop.
The Nagahama ramen bowl contains it's characteristically straight and thin noodles which go really well with the other ingredients and the soup.

It's a kind of ramen that everyone loves, including women who aren't always seen in droves in ramen joints! It's the perfect place to go eat for lunch, after work or after drinking in Asakusa.

You can Customize Your Ramen

Top row from left to right: wakame, kikurage mushrooms, kimchi
Bottom row from left to right: half-boiled egg, bamboo shoots
What's more, you have a choice of 5 toppings to add to your ramen.

Kikurage Ramen: The Number 1 Choice

"Kikurage Ramen" 900 yen
Among all the variations you can make, the ramen topped with the kikurage mushrooms, the "Kikurage Ramen", is the most popular. The mushrooms add an interesting crunchy texture to the dish. A must-try!

And There are Plenty of Tasty Side Options Too

"Miyoshi Fu Okura" 300 yen
This soy-sauce flavoured Okra side dish makes an excellent accompaniment to your beer.
"Pirikara Negi Chashu" 300 yen
Pieces of chashu pork with finely cut white spring onions dressed with a spicy tare sauce. The taste ressembles somewhat the Kara Ramen and this one goes well with a beer too.
"Buta Kimchi" 300 yen
This small dish of buta kimchi (pork mixed with kimchi) is slightly different than the ones you get at most other places because Tokyo Miyoshi uses finely chopped chashu as the pork ingredient. And what do you have it with? Beer, of course!


This article presented Tokyo Miyoshi, a ramen restaurant specializing in Nagahama ramen. Until the end of 2017, make sure to visit it in order to try the unique spicy Nagahama Kara Ramen!
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