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6 Best Ramen Shops in Meguro, Tokyo You Must Visit!

Different from the hustle and bustle image of Shibuya and Shinjuku, Meguro has the image of being somewhat calm and serene. Despite Meguro's image, there are definitely some awesome ramen shops. I put together a list of some of them in the order of which places interested me the most. Shops range from places that offer thick noodles and large portions to places that serve noodles that are chic and elegant just like Meguro!

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No. 1 rated in Cost Performance: Ramen Jiro Meguro Store

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A 13 minute walk from Meguro station. Ramen Jiro is well known by their trademark bright yellow sign with black lettering and it can be said that they are a maverick in the industry. It takes a bit of a walk to get to this location, but during their peak period people are waiting in line to get inside.
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Everybody knows that the Meguro store actually offers smaller portions than the other branch stores. Still, one bowl of ramen will only set you back ¥500! When you think of all the ingredients that go into a bowl of ramen, you can see they have a high cost performance. Enjoy ramen cooked by the owner, who was formally trained at their main store where the tradition was passed onto him!

Reputation for the perfect balance between savory taste and easy to eat ramen: Jurumen Ikeda

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A 4 minute walk from Meguro station. Jurumen Ikeda is located on Meguro Dori and is in front of Hinode high school. The owner had a unique career as a former Thai chef.
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People say that a limited, unique menu appears often with items like phakchi (coriander) ramen, which really showcase his experience. Their ramen is highly recommended to those who want to feel the safety in and the savory tastes of fresh ingredients!

Twist on the standard Toripaitan broth!: Men-ya Hujishiro Meguro Store

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A three minute walk from Meguro station. Men-ya Hujishiro is a quite popular spot and is very close to the station. The owner here also jumped on board the ramen wagon after having a distinctive career in the Italian and French culinary world. It seems that ramen is not the only popular item here, but the owner himself is very popular among young ladies and older sophisticated women and is very handsome.
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The most popular item is "Noukou Toripaitan Ramen (ramen noodles in a rich and robust chicken-based milky-white broth)." The owner has one more trick up his sleeve that is based on his experience, he adds roast beef, as well as chicken to this ramen and it has been described as "mind blowing" by patrons.

Proven superb taste published in Bib Gourmand: Men-ya Ishin

A 5 min walk from Meguro station. This shop is located when heading to Shirokanedai station area. Surprisingly enough, this shop is noted for being published in The Michelin Guide 2015 Bib Gourmand section for their proven superb taste.
This most popular ramen is a soy sauce-based broth mixed with both chicken as a main ingredient and boiled and dried sardines. People say it has a sharp taste, but it also exudes a certain tenderness.

Ramen thoroughly highlighted with chicken!: Mendokoro Burari Meguro Store

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A 10 minute walk from Meguro station. This shop is located after a short walk heading towards Fudo Koen (Park.) Just like the above listed "Hujishiro," they feature Toripaitan ramen.

Rich and robust taste is the reason behind the popularity of "Iekei-Ramen!": Men-ya Kuro

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This shop is located right in front of Hinode high school. There is a "Jurumen Ikeda" just a couple of buildings down the road. It is said that this shop is the sister-shop of the same Iekei (principles that stem from the same ramen cooking foundation) "Musashi-ya" in Nakano.
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Many people say that this ramen shop prides itself on serving a lot thicker and richer broth compared to that of the numerous other Iekei ramen shops. This soup has such an intense flavor that it makes people want to keep eating more rice, and if you are curious about how much they charge for rice, they unexpectedly offer it free of charge. If you want to eat a rich and robust tasting ramen to your heart's content in Meguro, this shop should be the one to choose!

In conclusion

There are a lot of fascinating ramen shops in Meguro and it competes neck-to-neck with other area stations! Meguro station is used by many commuters each day, therefore, it is natural that there should be many shops, which have their own unique features, but I was unable to introduce you to them this time. There are so many ramen shops, especially in the Gonnosukezaka area, so how about trying out one of these shops when you have a chance to visit Meguro.
I really love Ramen and Japan! No Ramen, No life.

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