Updated: November 06, 2018
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The 5 Best Places to Eat Ramen in Akita Prefecture


Heading to Akita? Ramen is extremely good in this prefecture and can be the only reason you need to go for a visit! Here are the five best spots to fill up on a warm bowl of ramen when in Akita Prefecture in Japan's north.

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5. Menkyo Show-in

Menkyou Show-in serves up a Chinese-style ramen that locals say is "wonderful and delicious." The joint is an extremely popular shop that shines through in the rankings for Akita prefecture's best ramen. Even on weekdays, the place is usually packed with a hungry crowd of ramen lovers! Choose the boldness of your soup and add any extra char siew and boiled egg if you desire. Prices start from 650 yen for the small bowl of ramen.
It's a bit far from Ugohonjo station, about 2.5km too far, so best to take a taxi unless you are driving.

4. Menya Jurohee

About 1.5km from Omagari station, Menya Jurohee is a bit of a walk (around 20 minutes), but worth the trip if you get here. The ramen is voted as the best in the area and is hugely popular with locals and people visiting the area. Students even get large size ramen at no additional cost! Jurohee specializes in ramen and tsukemen (or dipping ramen) with a number of flavors, including tonkotsu, spicy, miso, and more!
For some reason, this place is popular for eating ramen in the mornings which for some people's mind sounds absurd. However, for those living in the north with the cold temps, it's no wonder a hot bowl of ramen is a popular breakfast item!

3. Shinasoba Ito

Shinasoba Ito is a perfect place to stop by on the way up north on a stopover in Akita city or a great place for lunch or dinner if you're staying for a few days. It's located in downtown Akita in the People's Market area just a 5-minute walk from Akita station. The ramen they serve here is a Chinese-style soy sauce based ramen, customisable with additional toppings.
Ramen starts at around 700 yen per bowl and is ample enough to fill you up for lunch or dinner, depending on how much walking you've done through the day. Definitely a great place to drop in for a quick bowl of hearty noodle soup!

2. Jikasei-men Ito

Jikasei-men Ito is a really great type of Ramen made with hand-made ramen noodles. The ramen here has quite a simple broth, accompanied with a few slices of char siew pork, sliced scallions, pepper to taste. The focus of the dish is the noodles and is a must try if you're coming to Akita prefecture.
Ito is located 700 metres from Kakunodate station. It's not that far to walk if you don't mind the cold, otherwise best to take a taxi or your car. They have parking available.

1. Suehiro Ramen

Suehiro Ramen located in front of Akita station is probably the most popular place for ramen as voted by locals in Akita. The broth is rich and creamy with the option to add a dollop of butter on top too! Located a mere 3 minutes from Akita station this is probably the place you'll want to hit, either on a quick stopover or for lunch on a cold day!
They also have less thick soy sauce based ramen with fresh clams from the coast nearby. Add some onions and butter and you have a terrific regional dish to rave about after your travels!

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