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"Ozoni" Japanese New Year Soup Dish Recipe

"Ozoni" is a traditional soup dish served at new year. Ingredients and flavor change according to the area. This post will not only introduce the history and ozoni itself but also an easy recipe of how to make ozoni by yourself.

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History and Origin of "Ozoni"(お雑煮)

The origin of ozoni goes far back to the Muromachi period. At that time, ozoni was regarded as a lucky dish for samurai to start off their new year celebrations. From this custom, people started to eat ozoni on new year's day.

The differences in flavor, such as soy sauce based and miso based did already exist from the Edo period. In Okinawa, they do not have the tradition of eating ozoni.

Differences in ozoni between the west and the east

West (Kansai area)

In the Kansai area, traditionally, marumochi, a type of hand rounded mochi is used in ozoni. Marumochi has the meaning of making things comfortable and they are regarded as lucky. Ozoni in the Kansai area is made from a white miso base.

East (Cold area and Tokyo)

Kadomochi, a squared type of mochi, was used in eastern areas and in Tokyo. This was because, at that time, the population of Japan was concentrated in Edo (present-day Tokyo) and square mochi were quicker to make. The flavor is soy sauce based and they have a clear soup.

How to make ozoni in Kansai (West) style



-2pieces of marumochi
-20grams of daikon radish
-20grams of carrots
-2pieces of taro
-2cups of water
-a piece of kelp or powdered dashi
-60grams of white miso
-skin of yuzu


Step1: Peal off the taro skin and boil it in water with kelp or powdered dashi.
Step2: Cut daikon radish and carrots into 5mm wide pieces. Boil the daikon radish first then the carrots. Boil marumochi at the same time in hot water in a different pot.
Step3: In 2cups of water, add powder dashi and white miso. Be careful not to boil the soup.
Step4: In an individual bowl, add the marumochi, daikon radish, and carrots. Pour in the miso soup and add some skin of yuzu on the top.

You're done!

How to make ozoni in Kanto (East) style



-2pieces of kadomochi
-20grams of daikon radish
-20grams of carrots
-50grams of chicken
-50grams of spinach
-2cups of water
-2slice of kamaboko
-some salt
-1/4 spoon of soy sauce
-1/2 spoon of powder dashi


Step1: Cut the daikon radish and carrots into 5mm wide slices and boil them starting with the daikon radish.
Step2: Cut chicken into pieces and let boil them in hot water for until it is just cooked. Do the same with spinach and cut them into 5cm wide.
Step3: Bake kadomochi until it becomes crusty.
Step4: Boil water and add soy sauce, salt, and powder dashi to make soup in a different pot. After that, add chicken.
Step5: To an individual bowl, put all the ingredients and pour in the soup.

Let's start the new year with ozoni!

The new year is coming up, how about starting the new year with some ozoni? Making them is not that difficult, so give it a try. Thank you for reading!
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