Updated: April 17, 2018
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Complete Guide To Sukiyaki Recipes

One of the most well known Japanese cuisines is sukiyaki. Not only loved by Japanese, it also has big foreigner fans. This post will be a perfect guide for one who is planning to make sukiyaki on one's own.

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What is "Sukiyaki"(すき焼き)...?

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"Sukiyaki" is a Japanese hot pot dish which is very popular not only among Japanese but also among foreigners. The origin of sukiyaki goes far back to the late Edo period, with the introduction of the custom of eating beef from western countries. At that time, sukiyaki was called "gyunabe", which means "beef hot pot" in English. (The name is still relevant today.)

The main ingredient is of course beef. We also put in some vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, roasted tofu, leek, shitake mushrooms, and konjac. The soup is soy sauce and sugar based. And don't forget to eat them with raw eggs!

Ingredients are basically the same in both eastern and western Japan, but the method of making it differs. This post will explain them both.

Sukiyaki recipe: Kanto-fu (East style)

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Ingredients (4servings)

-300grams of thinly sliced beef
-1pack of konjac
-8pieces of shitake mushroom
-1piece of roasted tofu
-1/2 of edible chrysanthemum
-a piece of beef fat
-eggs (if you like)

Ingredients of soup (mix beforehand)
-100ml of soy sauce
-100ml of sweet sake
-30grams of sugar
-100ml of water


Step1: Cut the leeks diagonally, and konjac shall be lightly boiled and cut into bite-size pieces. Roasted tofu will be fine cut in 8 to 10 pieces. Cut Chinese cabbage roughly, and cut the edible chrysanthemum into 5cm long pieces. Shitake mushrooms look better with decorative cuts.

Step2: Heat the pot and let the beef fat melt.

Step3: Roast the leeks and lightly grill both sides of the beef slices.

Step4: When beef is lightly grilled, pour in the soup.

Step5: Low fire the pot and put all the ingredients into the pot and simmer until they become colored.

Step6: Enjoy with raw eggs!

Sukiyaki recipe: Kansai-fu (West style)

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Ingredients (4servings)

Ingredients are same as Kanto fu sukiyaki.

The amount of soy sauce, sweet sake, sugar, and water depends on your taste.


Step1: Cut the ingredients. Heat the pot and melt beef fat.

Step2: Roast the leeks and lightly grill both sides of the beef slices.

Step3: Put sugar in until the surface of the beef is covered.

Step4: Also put in soy sauce and sweet sake and prepare the taste.

Step5: Other ingredients shall be put from watery vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage and leeks.

Step6: Enjoy with by dipping in raw eggs and then the sauce!


-When the water level of the pot becomes low, you can add some sake or water.
-Chinese cabbage must be added. Water from the vegetables makes the taste.

Also check out the best sukiyaki restaurants in Tokyo!

Try some sukiyaki for a cold winter supper!

Did you get interested in sukiyaki? As you might have already noticed, the sukiyaki recipe is very simple and easy to make. Hotpot cuisine is perfect for a cold shivering winter!
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