Updated: November 06, 2018
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Motsunabe Recipe: Innards Japanese Hot Pot!

Motsunabe is a kind of Japanese hot pot from Fukuoka Prefecture. The main ingredients are "motsu", beef innards. This post will introduce you the recipe of motsunabe. The ingredients for motsunabe are cheap and it's motsunabe is easy to make, so let's give it a try!

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What is "Motsunabe"(モツ鍋)...?

Motsunabe is a kind of Japanese hot pot found in Fukuoka. The name "Motsunabe" is a combination of the word "motsu" which means innards in Japanese and "nabe" which is a word for hot pot dishes in Japanese.

The main ingredients of motsunabe are beef innards, cabbage, tofu, and Chinese chives. The soup is often miso or soy sauce based.

Motsunabe Recipe: Soy sauce based


Ingredients (4servings)

The small intestine is the most basic kind of motsu used when making motsunabe.
-400grams of beef innards
-half a cabbage
-2bags of bean sprouts
-1Chinese chives
-dried garlic chips
-white sesame(if possible)
-dried chili peppers
-Chinese noodles or rice(to finish up the nabe dish)
Soup Recipe
-4cups of water
-4grams of dashi powder
-2spoons of chicken broth powder
-90ml of soy sauce
-30ml of sweet sake
-a pinch of sugar
-grated garlic
-grated ginger


Step1: Blanch the motsu to get rid of smell and slime. The cabbage should be cut in 5cm pieces, and the Chinese chives in 7cm wide cuts. Don't forget to wash the bean sprouts beforehand.

Step2: Mix all the ingredients for soup and make soup. Add the motsu and heat the pot on a medium fire. (Be careful not to boil too much, the umami of motsu will be lost!)

Step3: After motsu is boiled, put the cabbage around it and the bean sprouts in the center. Chinese chives will be better put on the top along with the garlic, white sesame, and chili peppers.

Step4: Boil the pot on a high fire until the vegetables seem to be ready. When the pot is ready, turn down the heat.

Step5: After you finish eating motsunabe, put in some rice or Chinese noodles to finish up the dish.

Many Great restaurants to try Motsunabe!


Motsunabe, a must try Japanese innards hot pot!

Was this interesting? Motsunabe is Japanese hot pot cuisine you can't miss. The idea of eating innards might not be appealing, but give it a try. Pretty sure you will enjoy them.
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