Updated: February 05, 2020
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Japanese Mozuku Seaweed: Okinawa's Unique Superfood

Mozoku is an important part of the food culture of all of Japan and it is something the world should get to know for its amazing health benefits! Of all the seaweeds consumed by the people of Japan, Mozuku is perhaps the most unique. It has amazing health benefits, and it can only be found in Japan, specifically, around the islands of Okinawa Prefecture.

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Mozuku Seaweed

Mozuku is a brown type of seaweed that is the pride of Okinawa. 99% of the world's production is made in the southern archipelago of Japan, known for being the place with the longest human life expectancy. Could it be a key element of the islanders' longevity? The scientific evidence certainly suggests so. Here's why.

Health Benefits Of Mozuku

Mozuku contains very high levels of fucoidan, a sulphated polysaccharide that is present mainly in brown seaweed. This molecule was found to be extremely good at suppressing tumors in laboratory testing. Although it is found in other brown edible seaweed such as the better-known wakame, mozuku contains many times as much of it as other seaweeds. In fact, about one-fourth of its weight is made of fucoidan! An increasing number of scientific research is indicating that this could be an element of why Okinawan, and Japanese people in general, have the highest life expectancy on the planet.

Fucoidan aside, mozuku also contains lots of minerals and vitamins. People call it the miracle seaweed for good reasons!

How It's Eaten

Mozuku can be found at supermarkets sold in individual portion packs. You can also have it in many restaurants specializing in seafood. It usually contains vinegar to give it a sharper taste and it's eaten as a side dish in this very simple way.
If you go to Okinawa, you might find it served tempura-style. This is a local specialty you should try.


Mozuku seaweed is definitely a superfood the world should know more about. Keep your eyes open for it the next time you go to a Japanese supermarket or restaurant!
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