Updated: April 17, 2018
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9 Top Motsunabe Restaurants in Fukuoka You Must Visit

Motsunabe is a Fukuoka residents' soul food. The taste of the rich soup, sweet cabbage and succulent shrimp is just irresistible. This time I would like to introduce the restaurants which are loved by both local people as well as tourists. Check out each restaurant's specials.

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"RAKUTENCHI" Izakaya with a fun atmosphere

P010582649 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000558530/
To start with I recommend you to try RAKUTENCHI. People refer to the restaurant as one of the original motsunabe restaurants which started over 30 years ago. RAKUTENCHI's motsu are a little bit smaller.

So some people may think it is not enough, but they can enjoy eating it till the very last cabbage and chanpon noodle without feeling that they have eaten too much.
P010582653 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000558530/
The restaurant has a genuine izakaya style. The restaurant is small but its lively atmosphere is one of their attractiveness. There are bar chairs as well.

Very famous "YAMANAKA", restaurant which has unusual luxurious feeling for Motsunabe restaurant

P012494649 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000785134/
Very famous restaurant which is located in Akasaka. YAMANAKA is a restaurant which is the best known in Hakata.

I would recommend you to try miso flavor which is the most popular, rather than the basic soy sauce flavor. The motsu are quite succulent with a sweet taste. A motsunabe fan will definitely say "that's what I wanted". Many people also order the vinegar marinated motsu and they say that it doesn't give off the usual motsu smell.
P012487745 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000785134/
Is this really a Motsunabe restaurant? the interior is so spacious and gorgeous.
It can be used for various occasions.

"MOTSUKOU" be impressed by its unique flavor

This MOTUKOU is also a very famous restaurant. You can enjoy something different to the other restaurants.
Chanpon noodle with loads of crushed sesame seeds! They introduce their original style but still keep their traditional beautiful motsunabe flavor.

Satisfied with loads of motsu "Oishi Sumiyoshi"

This "Oishi" is very popular restaurant that you must make a reservation. Rich miso flavor which is blended with 4 different type of miso is the more popular than their regular soy sauce flavor. The flavor is deeper and richer than other shops which will be more favorable for men.

People say " there are succulent larger pieces and lots of them in there". Many people are very satisfied with this shop.

basic Motsunabe "Motsu Nabe Sachi Daimyo"

If "Oishi" is popular for their rich flavor, this "Sachi" is popular for their basic flavor. Their motsunabe is available only in the basic soy sauce flavor and you can enjoy tasting the vegetable themselves rather than the vegetables which have absorbed the soup.
Motsu is soft, and the soup hasn't got too much flavor so you can eat a lot. Many people put chanpon noodle in at the end, but I recommend to put steamed rice in for this simple soup. Because this restaurant's specialty is motsu, their side menu is also quite extensive!

Specialty restaurant for salt flouvered motsunabe "Hakata Hyotei"

S 00om https://r.gnavi.co.jp/f037602/
This is very famous for the original salt flavor motunabe, which has been coved by the media. Their specialty salt soup is made from natural salts which have been blended from many kinds of individual salts. Ingredients are simple as they are only motsu, cabbage and tofu. The restaurant offers a totally different motsunabe from the ones you often see which have lots of garlic chives and strong flavor of garlic.
S 00st https://r.gnavi.co.jp/f037602/
It is well known as a high-class izakaya, and their sasihmi squid as well as their signature salt flavored motunabe is also recommended.

Enjoy the taste of original broiled motsunabe "Kazuyoshi"

Img 1305 http://motsunabe-ikkei.com/
Although not many Fukuoka residents have had this before, it is a popular restaurant for broiled motsunabe.

Some people even say this is definitely better than the normal motsunabe! The flavor can become addictive. Normal motsu is also available so you can enjoy comparing the tastes. People usually find that the broiled motsu is really tasteful.
The broiled motsu makes the soup more tastier and gives it a deeper flavor. You can choose the chanpon noodle either thick or thin which is a bit unusual in Hakata.

White miso (shiro miso) based Kyoto style Motsunabe "Echigoya"

Img06 https://www.echigoya-h.jp/index.html
There are many restaurants which are popular for their white miso based soup, however, one of these restaurants is different from the conventional ones.

When we think of miso based motsunabe, we think of a thick type of soup, but the one at this restaurant doesn't have the smell and it has a mild and gentle taste.
It is featured by having deep-fried tofu in it.Also, yuzu pepper is used in the tofu. This adds a subtle favor to the soup.

Big piece of succulent motsu is irresistible "Motsunabe Ichifuji"

The last restaurant is "Ichifuji". I recommend their mild miso flavor soup with white miso (shiro miso). They serve bigger pieces of motsu and satisfy their customers. A great restaurant especially for the people who like the succulent taste. Their side menu is also popular! You must try their thickly sliced sumotsu (vinegar marinated motsu) and basashi (horse sashimi).


This was just an introduction to motsunabe in Fukuoka. As motsunabe is famous meal in Fukuoka, there are a lot of yummy motsunabe restaurants. I can't even begin to introduce them all here.
These restaurants which I have introduced here are really popular and have good reputations, and I'm sure you can find one that matches your preference.
I live in Tokyo. My favorite Japanese food is TEMPURA:)

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