Updated: November 27, 2018
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Krispy Kreme Japan: The Richest Donuts You'll Find In Japan!

If you live in Japan, you've probably noticed that most donuts aren't that sweet compared to the American standard. That's unquestionably a good thing in terms of public health. But let's face it, sometimes eating super sweet American desserts fulfills a legitimate emotional need! Here's about the Krispy Kreme in Japan: its special, Japan-only donuts and the popular ones.

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Krispy Kreme Japan

Krispy Kreme is the inventor of the glazed donut and it has been their star product ever since it opened in 1937 in North Caroline, USA. This donut became an instant hit when it came to Japan. The rich taste and the melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture was something the Japanese were not used to find in a Donut.

Often, Japanese donuts are not nearly as sweet as Krispy Kreme's. And their texture can be quite different too if, for instance, they are made with rice flour as it is often the case. It gives the donut a much more chewy texture.
The Krispy Kreme donuts became somewhat of a social phenomenon when the first store opened in Shinjuku in 2006. People were willing to wait in line for hours to get the first taste of the famous donuts. Lines were so long that the store was giving out free glazed donuts to the people queuing.

At Krispy Kreme Japan you can find many of the standard types of donut such as the original glaze (160 yen), the chocolate glaze (190 yen) and some more special ones such as the cookies and Kreme Rich (210 yen).

Matcha Donut!

If you go to Krispy Kreme Japan it'd be nice for you to try some original Japanese flavors such as the old-fashioned matcha glazed donut (210 yen)! It really has the sent of traditional matcha tea. The matcha powder is found in the dough and the chocolate glazing, which gives it a beautiful green natural color. This is a taste much less sweet than the other donuts that most adults would probably like.

Special, Limited-Time Donuts

For special occasions, such as Christmas for instance or the advent of the cherry blossom season, Krispy Kreme Japan releases some limited-time-only donuts! Here is an example of the selection you would have with the Barbapapa theme.
In the days leading up to Christmas, you can try the double caramel reindeer (250 yen). The glazing is a mix of chocolate and caramel and the filling is a mix of a thick rich cream and caramel! Sounds rich? What do you expect this is Krispy Kreme! The strawberry jelly nose (it's Rudolph!) and pretzel ears make this reindeer-faced donut really adorable.
A strawberry cheese Santa is yours for 300 yen. The beard is made from white chocolate and the filling is a mix of strawberry and cheese cream.
If you don't like your donuts too sweet, you should try the Christmas Tree donut (250 yen) filled with some natural banana puree.
The snowman (230 yen) isn't as sweet either. It has a filling of chocolate cream with cacao. His scarf is made of strawberry puree.
These are cute spring-time edition donuts. You can look forward to different confections every season.


Hope you found this information useful! If you want to eat some sugar bombs while you're in Japan, you always have the option for some reliably rich and tasty Krispy Kreme Donuts! Krispy Kreme Japan has many locations in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan too.
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