Updated: November 06, 2018
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Kiritanpo Nabe: Akita Style Hot Pot!

"Kiritanpo" is a traditional dish of Akita made from freshly harvested rice. Did you actually know that it's not difficult to make kiritanpo on your own? Kiritanpo is delicious eaten by itself but more enjoyable when added into nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish. This post will introduce both kiritanpo and kiritanpo nabe recipes you can try on your own.

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What is "Kiritanpo"(きりたんぽ)...?

"Kiritanpo" is a popular traditional food of Akita prefecture in the Tohokou region. It was originally made as a portable meal for woodcutters and hunters. People in Akita usually eat kiritanpo from September to late March, during the harvest season. The unique name comes from its shape, which looks like a spearhead.

The first step of making kiritanpo nabe is making kiritanpo. In this post, you will get to know the traditional recipe of kiritanpo and kiritanpo nabe.

Kiritanpo Recipe: Let's make kiritapo before making kiritanpo nabe!



-3cups of new harvest rice
-30cm long wood stick(Cedar would be the best)
-some salt


Step1: Wash the rice and cook. After rice is ready, half mash the rice.

Step2: Wrap around the rice around the cedar stick. 100grams of rice of 0.5-1cm thickness will be perfect. To make them stiffer, put some salt water on the surface.

Step3: Fix the shape and grill them with charcoal until they become lightly grilled on the surface.(You can put some miso on the surface if you like.)

Step4: Pull out the cedar stick out. and cut them diagonally 3-4cm wide.

Kritanpo nabe Recipe: Traditional Akita style nabe



-3-4sticks of kiritanpo
-300grams of chicken(adding other kinds of meat including liver will make your kiritanpo nabe taste even better)
-1burdock root
-Seri, a Japanese parsley

Broth recipe
-6and a half cup of water
-Chicken dashi powder
-3/4 cup of soy sauce
-1cup of sweet sake


Step1: Cut the chicken into bite-pieces. Thinly shave the burdock root and wash them with water. Leeks and Japanese parsley should be cut in 6-7cm pieces.

Step2: Add some chicken dashi powder, water, soy sauce, and sweet sake together into the hot pot and boil to make the broth.

Step3: First add chicken and them add kiritanpo. Vegetables shall be added after that. Japanese parsley shall be added at the last after all the other ingredients are well heated. Lid for few minutes and your kiritanpo nabe is ready.

Enjoy the only one traditional taste of Akita, Japan!

It requires few extra steps to make a kiritanpo nabe compared to other nabe recipes. The more it takes time, the more great taste your kiritanpo nabe will be. Try the traditional flavor of Akita!
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