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What is Matcha? And All The Ways To Enjoy This Delicate Ingredient

Matcha addicts, here are the top places to get your matcha fix in Tokyo. Matcha desserts have the right balance of sweet and bitter and are so delicious. While you're in Tokyo, you should enjoy matcha in as many different ways as possible!!

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What is Matcha and its Benefits?

Unlike coffee, matcha wakes you up smoothly and is actually very good for your health. It is packed with antioxidants, it boosts the metabolism, it detoxifies, and contains L-Theanine, a natural mood enhancer that also calms the mind. It also is rich in fiber, chlorophyll, and it evens contains vitamin C, as well as other important vitamins.
So drink/eat up my friends, apart from the sugar, you're doing your body a favour!

But how can you eat it?

Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha ice cream is probably the most popular way to enjoy matcha around the world. For the deluxe experience, you should probably pop by Suzukien Nanaya in Asakusa. Here, you can enjoy the richest matcha ice cream! There are 7 different levels of matcha to enjoy! Level 7 is the richest matcha ice cream, you'll ever have, can you handle all this matcha goodness?

Matcha Latte

Another very popular way to enjoy matcha around the world is the delicious matcha latte!! This drink is the perfect balance between sweet and bitter and is deliciously addictive! It is much healthier than coffee, would you be ready to change your morning habit and switch coffee for matcha? It can also be a nice afternoon treat while you're in Tokyo! Yojiya is originally a cosmetic brand from Kyoto, but they also have cafes, some of which are in Tokyo. True to their brand, they offer a slick, and elegant Japanese decor, this time with great food and great matcha lattes! They put their beautiful and simple logo on the drinks.

Matcha Kakigori

Kakigori is the Japanese term for shaved ice, and it is a must-eat dessert for the summer season!
Shimokita Chaen is THE go-to place if you want the best matcha kakigori. But, it is definitely crowded and you should expect a long wait to eat this. This matcha kakigori is made into an espuma, which prevents the ice from melting until the very end, as well as bringing out a super rich matcha flavor.

Matcha Parfait

Parfaits are originally a dessert from France, but the Japanese have perfected it and made it their own. It's definitely something you should try here, especially the matcha version! Nana's green tea is a famous chain cafe specialized in matcha menu. They consider matcha as a "Japanese espresso" and serve a great variety of matcha menu items just like a coffee shop.
Nana's Green Tea's matcha parfait is a must-have. They have various kinds of matcha parfaits so you may have difficulty in choosing. All parfaits are tall and have beautiful layers of ingredients, each layer is a delicious surprise.

Matcha Chocolate Fondue

Just like chocolate fondue, matcha fondue can be eaten with fruits, marshmallows or cookies.
At Chanabe Cafe Kagurazaka, the matcha chocolate fondue comes with mochi, strawberries, pie and Japanese wheat gluten (ofu), which you can put onto the stick and dip into the warm matcha chocolate. After you have eaten all the toppings, you can pour the remaining matcha chocolate onto the vanilla ice cream and make a "matcha affogato" on your own! Matcha heaven!

Matcha Bread

There are so many different ways to enjoy matcha bread, and Gontran Cherrier offers an interesting and scrumptious variety!
Matcha chou cream, matcha milk bread, matcha croissant, matcha sweet bread. If you want exquisite French pastries with a Japanese twist, this is the place to go!

Matcha Cream Puffs

Cream puffs are a classic dessert you've probably had countless times. The Japanese version, like most Japanese desserts, is not too sweet.
Now you should definitely try the matcha version, you've never had something this adorable! These "My Neighbor Totoro" are the embodiment of Japanese cuteness! Let's stop by Shiro Hige's Cream Puff Factory for a lovely afternoon tea! (The match flavour is only available from May to August.)

Matcha Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a classic dessert you must try in Japan. It is often sold in stands, and it smells heavenly as you walk by. Taiyaki are sweets shaped like a fish ("tai") often filled with red bean paste or cream.
Ajisaki serves matcha taiyakis with mochi inside, it is right about the epitome of delicious! Also, they're only about ¥180 each.

Matcha Pancake

Like a lot of other desserts coming from abroad, the Japanese have perfected them and made them, shall I dare to say...better? Pancakes in Japanese are fluffy as though you are biting into a warm cloud. Microcosmos Cafe has the most beautiful fluffy matcha pancakes that you've ever seen!

Matcha Cake

Cakes in Japan are generally really fluffy and flavorful, and also they are never too sweet! One cake you definitely need to try in Japan is the roll cake, although it seems simple, it requires a lot of savoir-faire and precision. You have to try the matcha roll cake at Kyo Hayashiya, it is soft and has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter with the matcha and the whipped cream. One word of warning though, it'll be hard to stop at one slice...but you've been warned.

Matcha Doughnuts

Doughnuts are almost a must-try in Japan! They are very different compared to standard American desserts, they are less sweet and the texture is chewier. Some shops use rice flour instead of white flour and it gives the doughnut a very interesting consistency. This is the case at Mister Donut, their doughnuts are cheap, but definitely worth the try! Their matcha donut is awesome!

Matcha Tiramisu

Last, but not least, the matcha tiramisu, it's made of heavy cream and covered in matcha, what's not to love about this heavenly dessert. You've probably seen this popular dessert on Instagram or Facebook because it's beautiful and appetizing!
Although technically this restaurant isn't in Tokyo, it's in Saitama, which is still very easily accessible.

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