Updated: November 06, 2018
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Royce Chocolate: The Japanese Chocolate You Must Try!

Royce is the brand of high-quality chocolate that is the most renowned in Japan. Find out what makes it the best chocolate in Japan and what flavours to try! Be sure to bring some back for your family and friends back home too!

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Royce Chocolate

Japan's northern-most island of Hokkaido has become over the years Japan's dairy land, providing the country with high-quality cheese, milk, cream, and chocolate. Known throughout the world for its excellent products, Royce Chocolate is Japan's flagship chocolate company that is based in Hokkaido.

Popular Products

"Nama" Chocolate Line-Up

"Nama chocolate" is the Japanese term referring to a mixture of whipped cream and chocolate. The Royce line-up of nama chocolates often includes hints of fine liqueurs. Boxes include 20 pieces.
Nama Chocolate Au Lait [¥778]
This Nama chocolate au lait is the most popular product offered by Royce Chocolate Japan. It contains just a small hint of Western liqueur mixed in with some superior quality Hokkaido cream. This standard product is simply delectable.
Nama Chocolate Matcha [¥778]
The Nama Chocolate Matcha is a blend of white chocolate, cream, and a fragrant matcha powder. You will love the traditional matcha touch added to the Western confectionary.

Pure Chocolate

Pure Chocolate Creamy Milk And Dark Chocolate [¥443]
They also have beautifully crafted pieced of chocolate, that are a mix of Hokkaido milk and just the right balance of cacao. The creamy milk one shown above (left) is the most popular, but you can also get them in more bitter versions with a cacao content of up to 90 percent (right).

Chocolate Potato Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips [¥778]
Crispy potato chips covered on one side with Royce's finest chocolate. They also come in various levels of bitterness. The balance of sweetness, saltiness is just perfect. If you've never had anything like these, you might be pleasantly surprised by how good a combination potato chips and chocolate can make!

Where To Buy The Royce Chocolate

Buying At Japanese Airports

Duty-free shop at the Shin Chitose Airport (Hokkaido)
Royce's products are available at the duty-free shops inside every Japanese international airport. This is the best place to buy them if you want to bring them back as a souvenir.

Ordering Them Online From Royce Chocolate Online (Japan Only)

If you live in Japan, you can order them online from Royce's official website. They are shipped from Hokkaido so it might take around two days for the products to get to where you are if you live outside of Hokkaido.

Buying Them In Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo, you can find them at stores specializing in selling Hokkaido products. Hokkaido is known for having some of the best food in Japan so they are definitely worth a visit!

You can buy them from Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza (北海道どさんプラザ) for instance. This store is located near the Yurakucho Station.
Hokkaido Foodist (北海道フーディスト) is another good store located near the Tokyo Station.

Buying From Overseas

If you live outside of Japan, you cannot order the products directly from Royce in Japan, as chocolate does not ship very well since it can melt easily. Your best bet would be to purchase them from a reliable online retailer in your country. The prices, however, will likely be about three times what you would pay for them in Japan.

Royce has an official online USA store from which you can buy, but take note that there is a flat shipping cost of $39.


Perhaps Japan doesn't have an image of a country that makes awesome chocolate, but Royce will surely change that perception if you have it. Give them a try when you come!

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